We heard earlier today that Tommy Hahn crashed and was airlifted to a hospital, and unfortunately, it has been confirmed. Tommy tweeted that he was airlifted from the Materpoole’s practice facility in Paradise, Texas with a separated shoulder and a broken T-3.If there was ever a family cursed in moto, it is the Hahns. Both Wil and Tommy have spent their careers taking three steps forward and four steps back due to a laundry list of injuries.

Not that there is ever a good time for an injury, but this one could not have come at a worse time for Tommy. Tommy had just begun to find his past form on the factory Honda and had scored a sixth overall at Washougal and a third in the first moto at Southwick. With his contract future in question, those results were prime to possibly land him a solid ride for 2013, but in light of his recent injury, it looks like he is once again at square one.

Right now, our thoughts and prayers are with Tommy and the Hahn family. Hopefully, Tommy can make a full recovery and get back to it.

Check out Tommy’s tweet below and follow @thahn32 for updates.