Photo: James Lissimore

Photo: James Lissimore

Heading into the 2013 Indianapolis SX tonight, Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s Dean Wilson was focused on putting last week’s lackluster performance at the Daytona SX behind him. Dean’s Indy SX started out well, with Deano qualifying first in the day qualifying sessions. Then, after grabbing the holeshot in his heat race, things quickly went sideways for the #15. Dean went down hard early in the heat race, and his night of racing and 2013 Regional Supercross Championship hopes went with him.

In the crash, Dean landed on his shoulder, and with Deano just recently coming off a couple of shoulder surgeries, it didn’t look good. Just before Dean was supposed to come out for the LCQ, his team released a statement announcing that Dean was heading to a local hospital.

Today, Dean put out a tweet and a picture, and in the tweet he says the prognosis is not good. It looks like Deano suffered a collapsed lung, broken back, broken rib and a broken shoulder. So far there are no specifics on the severity of the breaks, but it definitely looks like 2013 SX is over for Dean—and quite possibly, some of the outdoors as well. You can see Deano’s tweet, pic and the video of the crash below.

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*Update 3/17/13 3pm (PST). We are now hearing that Deano’s back may not be broken. We are still waiting on confirmation, but that would be great news.