While I consider myself a Ronnie Mac fan, I’m not sure I am on-board with the scripted two-stroke showdown between Uncle Ronnie and The GOAT, Ricky Carmichael, last night at the opening night of the 2017 AUS-X Open. In what was a very WWE wrestling meets SX moment, Ricky checks up and puts a gentle block pass on Ronnie that resulted in Ronnie’s CR250 ghost riding off the berm and into a camera boom. After the “take out” it got even more outlandish with a security guard tackling Ronnie and restraining him.

In the short term, I think Ronnie’s antics draw some much needed attention to the sport of SX, but in the long term is it attention that benefits the sport? That is the million dollar question that has been and will continue to be hotly debated. To be clear, I am 100% okay with most everything to do with Ronnie and his antics, I am just not feeling this new scripted WWE wrestling stuff. Maybe I’m just old and not the target audience, but I do not think it conveys the message we have been trying to convey for a half century: Motocross and Supercross athletes are the gnarliest and mostfit athletes on earth.

You can watch a video of the race, the ghost ride and WWF action below.