Eli Tomac will be on the line at A3 – Photo: Devin Davis

6D’s ATR-1 helmet was put to the test last Saturday night in Oakland when Eli Tomac crashed heavily during the main event.  The helmet performed to expectations and 6D is pleased to report that Eli experienced no concussion related symptoms of any kind from the crash.  “I’m really thankful and very impressed with the helmet’s performance,” said Tomac. “That was a rough crash.”

Eli was racing aggressively from the back of the pack when he got off his line entering the whoops section causing him to lose control of the motorcycle. He was catapulted over the top of his bike directly into the face of the following whoop where he impacted the ground with the top of his helmet. The helmet sustained a high-energy impact at that site breaking the visor and shearing 2 of the visor screws that attach it in place.

6D’s unique patent pending ‘ODS’ (omni-directional suspension) system performed as designed helping to mitigate the energy transfer from the crash impact to Eli. 6D’s shear-away visor screws also performed as designed fracturing on impact, there-by, reducing the chance of further injury or increasing angular acceleration force. Rick Zielfelder, founder of the GEICO Honda racing team stated “It looks like 6D just saved our season!”

Eli will make his return to the race track this Saturday for round 5 of the Monster Energy Supercross at Anaheim Stadium in Anaheim, California where he will continue his quest for the title.

About the 6D’s ATR-1 helmet: The 6D ART-1 off-road motorcycle helmet makes an entirely new helmet technology available to the athlete. 6D’s ‘ODS’ (Omni-Directional Suspension) technology is designed to be more compliant against lower-threshold energy impacts, while still providing all of the necessary protection required to manage an extreme impact. Additionally, the ‘ODS’ system significantly reduces critical angular acceleration energy providing unmatched protection to the athlete; a function traditional helmet designs are not equipped to address.

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Dan Lamb is a 12+ year journalist and the owner of MotoXAddicts.