The Hoeft Brothers - Justin (615) and Tyler (27) at Milestone's Red Bull Straight Rhythm warm up. Photo by: Devin Davis
The Hoeft Brothers – Justin (615) and Tyler (27) at Milestone’s Red Bull Straight Rhythm warm up. Photo by: Devin Davis

As a news site in the Supercross and Motocross industry, there is no worse feeling than when talking about the death of a youngster in our sport. This week, Tyler Hoeft took a hard crash at the 2015 JS7 Freestone Spring Championship, and while Tyler did what all motocrossers do—fight until the end—we lost him yesterday. First, our heart and deepest sympathies go out to Tyler’s friends, family and all the people affected by the loss of Tyler. I was never lucky enough to meet him, but by all accounts, we lost another great young man.

After word got around yesterday that Tyler had finally succumbed to his injuries, a true living legend put himself way out there to speak about the state of our sport. It’s never easy, and some might think now is not the time, but Kevin Windham felt strong enough about it to put out a statement from his @kdub_14 account on Instagram.

Check out what Kevin Windham had to say below:

We lose another one and we all say RIP @tylerhoeft_. I feel for the family so much being I just went through it with my dear friend @cb887. We all know that this tragedy is the last one until the next one. I appreciate how difficult it is to find the reasons why this happens and that life is not a guarantee, but IMO the numbers are rising with catastrophic injuries in our sport. Something has to be done. We will never have cages, or safer barrier’s, but let’s not pretend that our sport can’t be tons safer with the same entertainment level. It truly concerns me so much that I’m thankful my son doesn’t want to race at this point of his life. That’s a hard statement to make when talking about a sport that you love and has given me so much!! I just hate losing people and truly feel we can do something! Tyler’s wreck was on a 250 I believe. Would it have happened on a 200cc? A 175? A 150? You get my point. Anybody remember @wilhahn_ Crash from A1? The bikes are so strong that it takes so much to stay on them that when they don’t go for whatever reason, the rider is over the bars and yard darts him/herself to the ground. I never get on the soap box, but I hate thinking that in 2015, this industry will have another fatality. Anyone agree or have ideas? I’m retired and have nothing to do. I would love to lead the charge. My heart to Tyler, his parents and brother Justin who is so close to his pro career.

Agree or disagree, the power and size of the bikes we are putting the next generation of kids on needs to be brought to question, and hopefully this latest loss and K’dub speaking out can at least get a conversation going with those that make these decisions. This sport that we grew up on, love and are trying to grow will never be safe, but like K’dub said, “Let’s not pretend that our sport can’t be tons safer.” RIP Tyler Hoeft, you will be missed!


Dan Lamb is a 12+ year journalist and the owner of MotoXAddicts.