Ryan Sipes is first-ever American overall winner at the historic event.

Ryan Sipes is first-ever American overall winner at the historic event.

Husqvarna Motorcycles had a week to remember at the 90th edition of the FIM International Six Days Enduro in Slovakia where they secured the outright individual victory thanks to the impressive performance of USA World Trophy team rider Ryan Sipes. In addition Jamie McCanney topped the Enduro 1 class while Husqvarna ended the ISDE as winners of the Manufactures Award.

In what proved to be a long, tough and challenging event, Husqvarna rose to the forefront of the ISDE. After last year’s outright individual victory in Argentina by Pela Renet, USA’s Ryan Sipes ensured a second consecutive outright win for Husqvarna. Taking control of the lead at the end of day three, Sipes didn’t falter for the remainder of the week to top the standings as the first ever American to claim outright ISDE victory. Along with his individual victory Sipes also won the Enduro 2 classification.

Jamie Mccanney also put his Husky on the top step.

Jamie Mccanney also put his Husky on the top step.

In the Enduro 1 class, Great Britain’s Jamie McCanney put his Bel-Ray Husqvarna Factory Racing Husqvarna on the top step of the podium. Enjoying the technical terrain during the second half of the competition, McCanney only once dropped outside the top two in his category to record a strong one-minute and 17 second margin of victory.

Entered in the Enduro 3 category, Frenchman Mathias Bellino endured a difficult start to his race. Accidentally starting his TE 300 on day one before the event had even begun, Bellino was hit with a one-minute penalty. The Frenchman then spent the majority of the week battling to overcome his mistake. Eventually fighting his way into second in Enduro 3, the Bel-Ray Husqvarna Factory Racing rider closed out his ISDE in the runner-up spot, while also recording World Trophy team victory with France.

There were further top ten results for Husqvarna in Slovakia with Spain’s Joesep Garcia placing eighth overall in E1, Spain’s Jaume Betriu sixth in E2 while Australia’s Lachlan Stanford and USA’s Michael Brown were sixth and ninth respectively in E3.

Capping off what has been a terrific event, Husqvarna supported riders McCanney, Bellino and Betriu also won the Manufactures Award, presented to the best performing three-rider manufacturer team.

Ryan Sipes leading the way.

Ryan Sipes leading the way.

Ryan Sipes: “I had a good start to the race winning the first special tests, and things continued to go well. After day three I was leading the overall and started to build confidence. On day five there was a little bit of pressure and I was subconsciously riding a bit conservatively. I just wanted to be safe and preserve my lead, which worked out. This was my first ISDE as a member of USA’s World Trophy Team and it was a huge honour to be picked. To win outright individual victory is more than I could have possibly hoped for.”

Jamie McCanney: “It’s been a good six days of racing. I worked my best to help the team but obviously I had to make sure I looked after myself as soon I’ll be racing for the world championship in France. I had to push for a good result while riding within my limits. Conditions at the beginning of the week favoured my bike and I got into a good rhythm straight away. My FE 250 was absolutely perfect. We only changed tyres and a front sprocket all week and the bike ran great. The course was pretty brutal most of the days, not so much difficult but physically hard work. Winning the Enduro 1 class is a fantastic way to end the event.”

Mathias Bellino: “It was a hard ISDE for me because for the past six weeks I’ve been recovering from injury. I got into the race not feeling 100 per cent so I couldn’t ride as good as I should. The top guys were going really fast and it was hard to beat them. Apart from day five I was making good progress as the race went on and that’s really positive. I rode within my limits, didn’t take any risks. I tried to stay healthy and do the best for team France.”

Mike Brown was soild, but Team USA just had too many problems.

Mike Brown was soild, but Team USA just had too many problems.

Mike Brown: “It was a tough ISDE and the hardest out of the five I’ve done. There were so many roots and rocks. The conditions were slippery and didn’t favour big four strokes. I feel like I could have done better, maybe on a different-sized bike, but that’s what it is. I had a good time. Team USA had a solid team. We started good by winning tests but we had too many problems and it fell apart pretty quick. Putting all the pieces together to make it through the week is hard.”

Results – FIM International Six Days Enduro 2015

Manufactures Team Award Classification

1. Husqvarna 1 (Jamie McCanney, Mathias Bellino, Jaume Betriu) 12:39:57.31; 2. Yamaha Australia 12:39:58.82; 3. KTM Australia 12:57:36.06; 4. Husqvarna 3 12:58:01.33; 5. KTM Italia 12:58:52.11…

Enduro 1

1. Jamie McCanney (Husqvarna) 4:12:06.87; Anthony Boissiere (Sherco) 4:13:24.64; 3. Cristobal Guerrero (Yamaha) 4:13:30.25… 8. Josep Garcia (Husqvarna) 4:18:00.22… 13. Antti Hellsten (Husqvarna) 4:24:11.47… 19. Lee Sealey (Husqvarna) 4:27:51.23… 25. Antti Hanninen (Husqvarna) 4:32:40.20… 27. Mattias Ojanpera (Husqvarna) 4:34:56.15… 33. Priit Biene (Husqvarna) 4:42:29.29… 43. Phillip Reichinger (Husqvarna) 4:56:02.65… 51. Artemis Sfinarolakis (Husqvarna) 5:24:21.47

Enduro 2

1. Ryan Sipes (Husqvarna) 4:07:37.44; 2. Daniel Milner (Yamaha) 4:08:20.83; 3. Loic Larrieu (Sherco) 4:10:50.21… 6. Jaume Betriu (Husqvarna) 4:13:50.93… 11. Jonathan Manzi (Husqvarna) 4:17:20.72… 20. Glenn Kearney (Husqvarna) 4:22:29.25… 24. Jesper Borjesson (Husqvarna) 4:23:54.57… 27. Emil Pojhola (Husqvarna) 4:24:22.85… 30. Michele Marchelli (Husqvarna) 4:26:33.39… 36. Matthias Wibmer (Husqvarna) 4:30:00.22… 39. John Ramstrom (Husqvarna) 4:31:29.61… 42. Thoomas Triisa (Husqvarna) 4:37:21.13… 45. Patrick Neisser (Husqvarna) 4:39:03.75; 46. Michael Feichtinger (Husqvarna) 4:40:19.77… 48. Quentin Monfort (Husqvarna) 4:43:00.46… 52. Florian Reichinger (Husqvarna) 4:45:26.60… 56. Bertrand Bailleux (Husqvarna) 5:06:12.42

Enduro 3

1. Daniel Sanders (KTM) 4:11:39.30; 2. Mathias Bellino (Husqvarna) 4:13:59.51; 3. Oscar Baletti (KTM) 4:14:04.43… 6. Lachlan Stanford (Husqvarna) 4:16:06.54… 9. Mike Brown (Husqvarna) 4:18:46.52… 13. Mika Tamminen (Husqvarna) 4:25:15.44… 26. Martin Sundin (Husqvarna) 4:33:35.65… 28. Zlatko Novosad (Husqvarna) 4:37:07.88; 29. Wim Vanderheyden (Husqvarna) 4:39:11.04… 35. Cedric Evard (Husqvarna) 4:44:52.89… 44. Andrei-Nicusor Botoaca (Husqvarna) 5:06:55.32

France has now won back-to-back Nations overalls.

France has now won back-to-back Nations overalls.

World Trophy

1. France – 21:08:30.76

Marc Bourgeois (Yamaha), Anthony Boissiere (Sherco), Loic Larrieu (Sherco), Antoine Basset (KTM), Jeremy Joly (KTM), Mathias Bellino (Husqvarna)

2. Australia – 21:09:31.14

Joshua Green (Yamaha), Daniel Milner (Yamaha), Matthew Phillips (KTM), Beau Ralston (Yamaha), Lachlan Stanford (Husqvarna), Glenn Kearney (Husqvarna)

3. Spain – 21:18:57.52

Jonathan Barragan (Gas Gas), Jaume Betriu (Husqvarna), Josep Garcia (Husqvarna), Victor Guerrero (KTM), Lorenzo Santolino (Sherco), Cristobal Guerrero (Yamaha)

Junior World Trophy

1. Australia – 12:56:33.09

Broc Grabham (Sherco), Tom Mason (KTM), Daniel Sanders (KTM), Tye Simmonds (KTM)

2. Sweden – 13:11:59.93

Jesper Borjesson (Husqvarna), Michael Persson (Yamaha), John Ramstrom (Husqvarna), Tommy Sjostrom (Gas Gas)

3. Italy – 13:23:17.17

Nicolo Bruschi (Honda), Matteo Pavoni (KTM), Mirko Spandre (KTM), Michele Marchelli (Husqvarna)

Women’s World Trophy

1. Australia – 10:15:02.65

Jessica Gardiner (Sherco), Tayla Jones (Yamaha), Jemma Wilson (Yamaha)

2. France – 11:10:56.38

Blandine Dufrene (KTM), Geraldine Fournel (Sherco), Audrey Rossat (Husqvarna)

3. Sweden – 11:30:23.63

1. Jessica Jonsson (Kawasaki), Emelie Karlsson (Yamaha), Emmily Smalsjo (Yamaha)