MX2 Podium - Thomas Covington (center)  Tim Gasjer (left)  Benoit Paturel (right)

MX2 Podium – Thomas Covington (center) Tim Gasjer (left) Benoit Paturel (right)

Check out what some of the riders thought of their Mexican Grand Prix. A happy day for American racer Thomas Covington who proved anything is possible with hard work.

Thomas Covington: “It’s so good to finally get a win. I’ve been pushing hard always and it’s been a tough two years with a lot of bad races, a few good ones and coming here to get this win is unbelievable. I hope to keep this going. The first race the track was really muddy and I just tried to survive and not to crash; I had the holeshot but went too much to the outside and a few guys passed me. I tried to keep on two wheels and it was pretty tough. The track was completely different for the second moto; it was pretty dry in some places. I was second at the first corner and finally made the move to first place. I tried to put down some fast lap to make a gap; I knew that Gajser was coming back at the end of the race but I held on to win this moto. I had no idea that I had won the GP until I arrived at the podium! Next weekend it will be good to race at Glen Helen; I will go to my home race full of confidence.”

Romain Febvre: “I am so happy to win both motos here. I felt good all weekend on this track even if this morning it was really muddy. I enjoyed it. We had some time off after Assen and we did some tests and made some improvements on our starts so that’s a really good point [from today]. We are already working for next year because the championship is already won. We can try different things and even if they are not working then it is not so bad; for sure this weekend it worked very well. The first race was muddy and it stuck to the bike a lot. The second moto was like how a track should be – many lines – and I enjoyed it.”

Shaun Simpson: “It has been a good weekend and I would like to back-up what Romain [Febvre, GP winner] said in that the track is how we expect a GP track to be every time. I have some work to do on my starts because I struggled today in both races. I wasn’t stressed though in the second moto because I knew there were places on the track to pass. I felt smooth and comfortable. Overall it is nice to show that I can make good speed and get back up on the podium, even when it is not in the sand. I felt great on the bike this weekend.”

Tim Gajser: “The weekend was really tough. We had all different kinds of terrain from deep mud to soft mud to then pretty hard in the second race, which for me was actually quite perfect. They moved the mud off the track and there were many lines so you could have a good race. I’m a little disappointed with the first race. The key was the start because there was so much mud and just one line, but fifth wasn’t so bad. In the second race I almost went down at the start because Jonass crashed in front of me but I could save it. Then I could make some nice passes and come back to second which was great. I enjoyed the riding today – maybe the first 15minutes I was not so much focused, but in the second half of the second moto I found some really nice lines and my riding was better. Serizawa-san and the HRC engineers made a good map for the bike today so I’d like to thank them for their hard work. We have one GP left now so two heats, and definitely I have to be focused 110 per cent, even more than I have been now. We cannot make mistakes now. It’s the final GP and it’s good to have a little points gap but anything can happen so we will go there and do the same as every race and just try and have fun. It’s hard to not think about the championship, but I am really focused on each race as it comes.”

Pauls Jonass won his first-ever moto during moto 1 in Mexico. It all fell apart for the Latvian with two huge crashes in moto 2. Photo by: Ray Archer

Pauls Jonass won his first-ever moto during moto 1 in Mexico. It all fell apart for the Latvian with two huge crashes in moto 2. Photo by: Ray Archer

Benoit Paturel: “This is incredible for me. Last year I had nothing and Hans Corver and Marnicq Bervoets took me into their team. I progressed step-by-step and I’m happy about that. I have such a good sensation with this first podium and I think for every rider it feels the same. I don’t really know what else to say! The team works really hard every day and they really perform. We have factory engines and I have everything I need to progress. I hope to be better for next year.”

Pauls Jonass: “I am very sorry. I felt good all weekend. I had a good speed and a good technique. I was able to win my qualifying race and I had an awesome first moto. But in the second moto I made a mistake on the first corner and lost the front. I was back in the race at sixth place but then on the big jump I hit a rut and lost contact with my feet. All i could do after that was to try to save what was possible. Now I have to focus on the fact that the championship is not over until the last moto in Glen Helen next weekend. I am still hoping and I still believe in myself.”

Julien Lieber: “Every week I seem to have missed a podium chance! The first moto here was horrible. I had some crashes after a bad start, broke the bike and finished fourteenth. The second race was pretty good and I moved up from eighth. Third was a good position. I saw Jonass’ big crash so I feel lucky to have finished the day healthy.”

Valentin Guillod: “The track was better in the second moto. In the first…it was not really the conditions that I like! I had a crash at the start because someone touched my bars and I couldn’t turn so I headed straight into the mud. I came back but had another two falls, one when a guy took away my front wheel. It really wasn’t good. They had worked on the track for the second moto and I was feeling better but I really did not want to crash again. I still made a few mistakes but came back through well to fourth, which, overall, is a bit better than the last few GPs. We’ll ride on Wednesday before Glen Helen and try to make it to the podium there.”

Brent Van Doninck: “I had a pretty good start in the first race but I think it was Petrov who made a mistake on the start straight and took three riders down. I went straight into all the mud they had scraped away and I was totally covered. I couldn’t even hold the bars so I came into the pits to change my gloves. I was a long way behind and kept going to reach ninth but then crashed on the last lap and took forever to start the bike. I started well in the second race and was in seventh – behind Guillod – but the bike started to lose a bit of power. I had to pull in. I’m so disappointed about this weekend. I didn’t have a good feeling, only really in the second moto. I hope I have more luck in Glen Helen.”

Shaun Simpson's confidence and results continue to improve. Photo by: Ray Archer

Shaun Simpson’s confidence and results continue to improve. Photo by: Ray Archer

Evgeny Bobryshev: “I’m really pleased with today – to have finished on the podium again and also to have secured third in the World Championship. Consistent weekends and finishing in the top three was the goal at the start of the season, so I’m really happy we’ve achieved this and I’d like to give big thanks to the team and HRC Honda for all their work and for believing in me. This morning was tough, but I had some good battles coming through the field. In the second race especially the track was good though as they prepared it very well, and there were some good lines so you could race and didn’t have to just follow. I had a good clean battle with Gautier at the end and passed him with a few laps to go, so for me it was a good race and a good weekend.”

Jeremy Van Horebeek: “Much better second moto…but I am still struggling with the starts. I was lucky in the second moto because Simpson went straight-on around the first turn and I cut behind everybody. So my starts are still a weak point and everybody can see that when I get away with the leaders I can stay there. I lost a position to fourth but I had run out of tear-offs. Overall I’m not happy about the weekend. I don’t know what to say. I know I can do it [product the results] and people can see it, but the package is not coming together at the moment. We’ll keep going and the season is almost done. We’ll have a break and then full-focus on 2016.”

Glenn Coldenhoff: “The positive thing was that I pulled two good starts and almost had the holeshot. I led for some laps in the first moto and I was looking at my pitboard but it was really sketchy at that place on the track and the bars went sideways and I was down. It took four laps for me to get a good rhythm going because my gloves were full of mud and once they dried I could do my own thing again. I kept consistent and finished fifth. Paulin was a little bit faster at the start of the second moto. It was a really tough race actually. I was pushing as hard as I could and made a few mistakes but luckily I passed a few guys back and Paulin crashed. Five and five for fifth overall is not bad but we are looking for more. The times were tight and it could have been different today.”

Max Anstie: “The first race was nice; the track was pretty muddy and you had to ride smart. I was very pleased to take a second position because Pauls was riding awesome. It’s a shame about the second one; I was in a really good position after the start, made a few passes and then crashed. That didn’t end so well; the bike was damaged, I had no front brake and I just tried to get as many points as possible after this big crash. That’s the way things go, and I’m now looking to the last round of the season.”

MXGP class overall podium. Romain Febvre (center)  Shaun Simpson (left)  Evgeny Bobryshev (right)

MXGP class overall podium. Romain Febvre (center) Shaun Simpson (left) Evgeny Bobryshev (right)

Gautier Paulin: “I had a good feeling – it’s a shame I couldn’t make a good result in the end. In the first moto I had a huge crash and hurt my knee a little bit. In the second moto I had a really good start and was feeling good. After Simpson passed me, Bobryshev came past but then I passed him back. I took an outside line, where I’d never been before, and there was really a lot of mud so I had to stay wide open to make it through, but then I just found some grip and lost the bike over the back. The results weren’t there, but it is like this and now we focus on America.”

Petar Petrov: “It was not a good GP for me. Yesterday was not so bad even if I went off the track during the qualifying race and had to come back from last to tenth. The track was wet at the first race for the first GP moto; I got a really good start in the top five but when I tried to turn in the first corner I came together with Guillod and I went straight on into the mud they had pushed off of the track. I went pretty hard over the bars; I hurt my neck really hard and couldn’t go back in the race as the bike was damaged. I felt a lot of pain in my neck and went to see the doctors; they brought me to the hospital and they saw that one of my vertebrae has moved a little bit. It’s not too bad and I hope that I can race in the US. I’m really happy for the team and Thomas, who won the GP; we see that many guys can win a GP and I think that I’m one of these guys.”

Jeremy Seewer:  “I felt good about coming here and I was really motivated to show some good speed and make results but I’m actually really disappointed with how the day turned out. It was so muddy in the first Heat and my riding was good – even if I did crash four times and damaged my radiator shroud so my steering was stuck. I pulled a good start in the second race and was fourth. I kept out of trouble until Max [Anstie] had a big crash in front of me and I crashed into his bike. There was nothing I could do. I felt terrible. My top five goal for the championship is still there but I want to make some good results.”

Brian Hsu: “The first moto was a bit of a nightmare even if my start was amazing. I was sixth and just wanted to keep going. The track was so heavy and I jammed my front wheel in a corner. It just became stuck and I couldn’t even lift the bike. I hit my right quadricep quite badly and I didn’t have any power. I can barely walk. I think it will bruise and be OK in a few days. I also found it hard today with my wrist and overall I knew it was better to sit out the second race with a view towards being fitter for Glen Helen.”