For the fourth week in a row, Ken Roczen was the fastest rider, but this time he got the W. Photos by: Hoppenworld

The 2016 Foxborough Supercross and round fifteen of the 2016 Monster Energy Supercross, an FIM World Championship series, landed in Foxborough, Massachusetts’ Gillette Stadium for the first time, and the riders were met with ever-changing track conditions. In the morning, qualifying was delayed due to rain. In the first qualifying session, the mud was heavy and the fastest lap was 1:08.306—clocked by Monster Energy / Kawasaki’s Eli Tomac—but as the sun came out, the track continued to improve. By the end of qualifying, Red Bull / KTM’s Ryan Dungey had the fastest lap and the stopwatch down to 1:01.793.

In the battle for fastest 450SX main event lap time, it was RCH / Soaring Eagle / Suzuki’s Ken Rozen (57.088) who recorded the quickest lap time for the fourth straight weekend. Over the last 60 laps heading into Foxborough, Roczen was the fastest, but starts and mistakes led to three straight second place finishes. In Foxborough, though, there was no stopping the German. Both in the heat race and in the main event, the #94 started behind Dungey, but made quick work of the defending Champ. Kenny led all twenty recorded main event laps in Foxborough with a blazing fast average lap of 58.971, and despite some heat from a charging Tomac, he scored a dominant fourth main event win of the year.

The second and third fastest 450SX laps in Foxborough were also in the 57’s but a half second off of Roczen. Dungey (57.525) and Tomac were (57.599) close in the battle for second fastest lap, but Eli easily passed Dungey and finished a massive sixteen-seconds ahead of Dungey in second. Eli tried to make a run for the lead, but Kenny’s speed and consistency left the #3 nine seconds adrift from the leader at the checkered flag. Dungey had a rough beginning of the main event—going from first to fourth—in the first seven laps, but pushed his podium streak to 31 straight by passing Rockstar / Husqvarna’s Jason Anderson back for third. Anderson (58.105) went on to finish fourth and also had the fourth fastest lap.

Roczen (94) made quick work of Dungey (1) in both the heat race and the main event.
Roczen (94) made quick work of Dungey (1) in both the heat race and the main event.
Top 10 450SX Times Top 10 250SX Times
1. Ken Roczen – 0:57.088
2. Ryan Dungey – 0:57.525
3. Eli Tomac – 0:57.599
4. Jason Anderson – 0:58.105
5. Trey Canard – 0:58.750
6. Cole Seely – 0:59.716
7. Josh Grant – 0:59.798
8. Chad Reed – 0:59.853
9. Justin Bogle – 0:59.881
10. Justin Brayton – 0:59.891
1. Jeremy Martin – 0:58.830
2. Martin Davalos – 0:58.841
3. Malcolm Stewart – 0:59.168
4. Shane Mcelrath – 0:59.302
5. Aaron Plessinger – 0:59.342
6. RJ Hampshire – 1:00.489
7. Tyler Bowers – 1:00.685
8. Gannon Audette – 1:01.750
9. Luke Renzland – 1:02.680
10. Anthony Rodriguez – 1:02.694

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Martin Davalos scored the 4th win of his veteran 250SX career.
Martin Davalos scored the 4th win of his veteran 250SX career.

In the fight for the fastest 250SX lap time, Star Racing / Yamaha’s Jeremy Martin (58.830) and Rockstar / Husqvaran’s Martin Davalos (58.841) were separated by nothing. Jeremy beat Davalos in the fastest lap category, but Davalos had the better start and the fastest average lap (1:00.894), and he took those advantages on to his second win of 2016. Jeremy was a lot closer to the win than the 3.722 second difference at the checkered flag suggests, but he desperately needed those three points to better his championship hopes. Heading into the final three rounds, Davalos is out of the title hunt, but Jeremy is now fourteen points behind GEICO / Honda’s Malcolm Stewart.

The third, fourth and fifth fastest 250SX laps were recorded by Stewart (59.168), Troy Lee Designs / KTM’s Shane McElrath (59.302) and Star Racing / Yamaha’s Aaron Plessinger (59.342). The three of them were the last three riders under a minute and also the third, fourth and fifth place main event finishers. Malcolm led the first half of the main event, but it all began to unravel after Davalos and Martin went around him. With the red plate at stake, Stewart regrouped, finished third and maintains a 5-point advantage over Plessinger heading to New Jersey. Looking at the average lap times, Plessinger was the third fastest rider, but a mid-pack start prevented the #23 from removing the red plate from Malcolm’s Honda.

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Martin has been on top of his Supercross game over the last two weekends.
Martin has been on top of his Supercross game over the last two weekends.

Directions on how use graphs below: Each graph below charts the lap times of the top five finishers in each main event, as well as the top three 250SX riders matched up against the top three 450SX finishers. You can run your cursor over the lines to see which rider the line signifies and that rider’s time for each lap. Click on a rider’s name on the right to remove them from the chart so you can run riders’ times against each other heads up. Also, riders are colored to match their bike brand.

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Top 10 450SX Avg Lap-Times Top 10 250SX Avg Lap-Times
1. Ken Roczen – 0:58.971
2. Eli Tomac – 0:59.330
3. Ryan Dungey – 1:00.285
4. Jason Anderson – 1:00.380
5. Trey Canard – 1:00.428
6. Cole Seely – 1:01.105
7. Justin Bogle – 1:01.318
8. Weston Peick – 1:01.369
9. Chad Reed – 1:01.488
10. Broc Tickle – 1:01.970
1. Martin Davalos – 1:00.894
2. Jeremy Martin – 1:00.959
3. Aaron Plessinger – 1:01.296
4. Malcolm Stewart – 1:01.647
5. Shane Mcelrath – 1:01.699
6. RJ Hampshire – 1:02.681
7. Tyler Bowers – 1:02.796
8. Gannon Audette – 1:03.046
9. Darryn Durham – 1:05.007
10. Anthony Rodriguez – 1:05.387


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