Photo by: Hoppenworld

On the last lap of moto two at the 2016 Southwick National, Troy Lee Designs / KTM’s Shane McElrath made a run at passing Star Racing / Yamaha’s Alex Martin for third. While trying to out brake A-Mart heading into a sweeper, McElrath caught some braking bump chop and was sent over the bars violently. Today, Shane sent out a post on Instagram with a laundy list of tough diagnosis’. Shane said, “I ended up with A concussion, grade 3 Ac separation in my shoulder, bruised my lungs, and broke 7 ribs. As of now no surgery is needed but will keep everyone posted. Thanks”

Watch video of the crash in slow motion below.

This injury could not have come at a worse time for the #30. Shane was just beginning to find the pace of the leaders and even scored a podium two rounds ago at the 2016 Tennessee National. We will post more information on Shane’s recovery time when we hear more, but we are not expecting to see Shane back on the gate for the rest out the 2016 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship. Get well soon.

Check out Shane’s Instagram post below.

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