Photos by: AMSOIL Arenacross

Check out the overall results from round one of the 2018 AMSOIL Arenacross series, and the Road to Supercross in Dayton, Ohio.

AMSOIL Arenacross 250AX Class Main Event Results

1. Gavin Faith, Duncombe, Iowa (1-1)
2. Travis Sewell, Westville, Ind. (4-2)
3. Jacob Hayes, Greensboro, N.C. (3-3)
4. Jace Owen, Mattoon, Ill. (5-4)
5. Chris Blose, Phoenix, Ariz. (2-9)
6. Gared Steinke, Woodland, Calif. (6-5)
7. Daniel Herrlein, Bethesda, Ohio (7-6)
8. Cody Van Buskirk, Harvard, Ill. (9-8)
9. Lane Staley, Chillicothe, Ohio (14-7)
10. Kyle Bitterman, West Pelzer, S.C. (8-14)


AMSOIL Arenacross AX Lites East Class Main Event Results

1. Garrett Marchbanks, Coalville, Utah
2. Heath Harrison, Silverhill, Ala.
3. Isaac Teasdale, Robbinsville, N.C.
4. Jared Lesher, Ball Ground, Ga.
5. Kyle Bitterman, West Pelzer, S.C.
6. Richard Jackson, Holdenville, Okla.
7. Jordan Bailey, Orlando, Fla.
8. Josh Mosiman, Menifee, Calif.
9. Dylan Rouse, Florence, Ken.
10. Jeremy Hand, Mantua, Ohio

Photos by: AMSOIL Arenacross


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