During the first 450SX heat race of 2018 in Anaheim last weekend, Rockstar / Husqvarna’s Dean Wilson turned himself into a lawn-dart with a gnarly crash through one of the rhythm sections and you could feel the air leave the sold out stadium. Deano is a fan favorite and is one of those riders that has been to hell and back with his career over the last few years, so seeing him finally look like a podium contender before the crash had everyone backing the #15. After the crash, though, his night was over and fans held their collective breaths waiting on an update from the Scotsman.

Earlier today, we finally got the update we all wanted to hear. “Seen the Dr yesterday, Dean said from his @DeanWilson15 Instagram account. “The man upstairs was looking after me. Nothing torn I got very lucky. The MRI report is I got a bad contusion in my shoulder a strained rotator cuff and bone bruising also a sprained wrist. Dr said my muscles in my shoulder are so beat up it’s like someone took a meat hammer and battered them. So anyways I’m lucky nothing is torn. I will be doing therapy every day with @teamdrg and doing everything in my power to be back. It’s not likely I will make Houston as I still can’t lift my arm up but I will just take it day by day. Thank you everybody for the get well wishes and prayers sent I appreciate you all🙏 We will be back. Thanks to all for sticking with me.”

We are pumped to hear the #15 is back and we look forward to seeing him finish what he looked like he was about to start before he crashed at A1: a run at 450SX podiums in 2018. Bring on Houston!


Dan Lamb is a 12+ year journalist and the owner of MotoXAddicts.