Photo by: Doc Weedon

We hear a lot of random fans on social media suggesting that Chad Reed should hang it up or that his legacy is being tarnished with his lackluster finishes of late. While we agree that his results over the first three rounds are not doing his legacy any favors, people need to realize that he just came off the couch from an injury and is still making main events against the best SX riders on the planet at probably about 50-60% health and fitness at the moment. Like Chad says in the video below: “We’re doing the laps, we’re getting better and I get to do what I love to do.”

Oh, and there’s that part about the living legend being just four races away from breaking Mike Larocco’s long standing record of most career main event starts in the history of SX (228). That is kind of a big deal and, when the history books are written, will be a part of that legacy some think he is tarnishing. The way I see it folks, I will enjoy having Chad in the sport as long as he is enjoying being out there. I don’t think for a second we have seen anything close to what he will bring if or when he gets healthy and fit again.

After Reedy’s career 224th main event—4 shy of Mike Larocco’s all time record of 228—he posted a post-race update from Anaheim 2 on his sponsors @speedzoneracings Instagram account.

Click play at the bottom of this speedzoneracings video to hear from Reedy’s round 3 post-race update.


Dan Lamb is a 12+ year journalist and the owner of MotoXAddicts.