The 2018 Monster Energy Supercross, an FIM World Championship series landed at Petco Park this morning in San Diego, California, for round number 6 and the 2018 San Diego SX. The stadium is right on the water in downtown San Diego, and the picturesque views makes for a beautiful venue for Supercross.

The track here in San Diego looks like it won’t breaks down. There is a unique camel back whoop section that the 250 C riders are struggling to hit clean. Noah Mcconahy is back and on an IB Corp Yamaha with the fastest time in C group. The track crew has done an excellent job utilizing space—this track is definitely not cookie cutter.

Next up was the 250 B group, where IB Corp rider Michael Lieb had the fastest time giving the team top billing in the first two sessions. In the 250 A session, Joey Savatgy had a big crash and went off on the Alpinestars medical mule holding his arm or wrist. Joey did not line up for qualifying, so he may be done for the day.

Aaron Plessinger is on a different level today riding with noticeable confidence. Plessinger was the only 250 rider triple before the sand section. I will say he better ride good because Thor has him wearing their ridiculous “cat” designs on his gear. On a day when other companies are paying tribute to our military this is a little embarrassing.

Justin Barcia is keeping a close eye on Eli Tomac this morning. Photo by: Doc Weedon

The 450 A practice wasn’t without drama as Eli Tomac and Justin Barcia had a little moment near the end. They slowed looked at each other and then Barcia threw a massive whip and look back. Keep an eye on these two, we got beef! Jason Anderson on the other hand is looking like it’s his world and we are all living in it. He cleared the difficult triples out of the turns with ease and looks like a guy who knows he is the best. This track has thrown a curve ball to a lot of the guys, the camelback whoop section is tricky. Some guys are skimming and some are jumping but nobody seems to have a clear cut technique through the section.

Jake Weimer took a good spill in the camelback whoops, but was able to walk off on his own power/ We saw Jake at the Alpinestars medic unit with a soft cast on his arm, so he will be out for tonight.

Jake Weimer looks a little hurt after his crash. Photo by: Doc Weedon

Tonight lapped riders are going to be an issue, as this track is clearly separating the pack. Riders in the 450 B practice are considerably off the pace of the A practice. Benny Bloss is fast, as he is using his long legs to work the whoop sections. This could be a night for him to show his potential. We had hoped to see Josh Hansen Make his debut today but he was a no show during practice. On a side note, look for Justin Hill to ride a 450 on some of the East Coast rounds, he told me this morning he is currently lobbying Jeremy Albrecht for the opportunity.

Qualifying Session 1:

First 250 B timed qualifying session started with Gage Shehr straight sending it! He is riding like there is no tomorrow—fun to watch but I am a little worried for his health. On the last lap Gage was on a heater and looked to have a good time going but he cartwheeled in the whoops. Gage got up slowly favoring his knee, but seems to be alright. For all the Canadian fans Jess Pettis is looking smooth and fast. Look for him inside the main event tonight. In the 250 C qualifying session Noah Mcconahy looks a guy who could be in the main event tonight. He is relishing this opportunity with team IB Corp.

Adam Cianciarulo was a 1/2 second faster than any other 250 rider in session 1. Can he keep on two wheels for a while main event? That’s the million dollar question. Photo by: Doc Weedon

Christian Craig came out fast early in 250 A qualifying but promptly tucked his front end and crashed. He got up and logged some fast times early, but Adam Cianciarulo logged the fastest time of the session then he took a soil sample soon after. Adam was alright but this is getting to be to normal for the likable rider. Adam needs to figure out how to stay upright in order to win main events. 250SX red plate holder, Aaron Plessinger, used some unique lines, but he couldn’t seem to get a lap time that put him on top. Maybe the weight of that plate cost him a few tenths [sarcasm].

In the 450 A qualifying session, Blake Baggett showed the speed he has by logging the fastest time of the session. Anderson had a serious heater going on the second to last lap but got held up by Barcia. Anderson rolled almost the entire session while he looked for unique lines, and he seemed unconcerned about logging a fast lap. Even with Barcia holding him up, Anderson was only three-tenths behind Baggett. While the top 10 riders lap times are close, don’t look for a boring A2 like race. This track has some tricky sections that will make for some good racing.

Blake Baggett was the man in session 1. The top 12 are seperated by less than a single second. Photo by: Doc Weedon

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Before the final timed qualifying sessions the track crew added water and made a change to the elevated turn before the riders go past the staring gate. There was an bump on the inside to force riders to the outside, unfortunately it was to big and everyone went outside. The bump has been knocked down to encourage riders to use both lines.

Final Qualifying Session :

In the final 250 C qualifying session, Noah Mcconahy is looking all business, but after the track maintenance times might get faster as lines get worked in. Broc Shoemaker was the fastest 250 C rider in the first qualifying session, but is going off in the Alpinestars mule after a nasty swap to cartwheel at the end of the whoop section. The session was red flagged to ensure getting him safely off the track. The rest or the session went on without incident. In the final 250 B qualifying session Canadian Jess Pettis is looking fast and charging hard. For you fantasy players, you might want to give him some serious consideration for your team.

Justin Hill looks like a new man. Photo by: Doc Weedon

In the final 250 A session Joey Savatgy is back out riding with his noticeably injured hand, but looks like he will tough it out tonight. Adam Cianciarulo is fast but watching him is like watching someone walk a tightrope without a net, awesome but scary. If he can hold it together he will be tough to beat, but Justin Hill means business tonight. Not only was he fastest qualifier but he did it almost every lap in his classic effortless style. He told me earlier that he was looking to ride a 450 when the series goes east, maybe that is the motivation he needed.

Eli Tomac went about as fast as I have ever seen a human go on a Supercross track, he used Justin Barcia as a rabbit and posted the fastest time of the day. This feud Tomac and Barcia is evident as they were both measuring egos and pushing for fast laps.Unlike Tomac this feud worked against Barcia as he looked out of control and over revved his bike and it cost him as he was a second off Tomac’s fastest lap. Jason Anderson was second fastest with a 50.7 but that time was removed because of stopping on the track. This track is going to get slick as the sun sets and the night moisture increases. With the top 10 guys separated by less than a second a good start and not making mistakes will determine tonight’s winner. Ken Roczen is riding clean and I didn’t see him make any mistakes, might be the perfect conditions for him to get that elusive first win of the season.

Eli Tomac was on fire in the final session. Photo by: Doc Weedon

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450SX Top 40 Overall Qualifying Results – San Diego SX


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250SX Top 40 Overall Qualifying Results – San Diego SX

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