While running 2nd in the first heat race of the night, GEICO / Honda’s RJ Hampshire takes a huge digger. RJ was not able to get to his feat and the crash caused a late race red flag.

The GEICO / Honda team sent out an update in RJ’s condition: “So bummed to update you on RJ Hampshire’s injury from his heat race crash tonight in Daytona. He sustained a broken rib, collarbone and stable fracture to his T3 & T4, which will not require surgery. Sending you positive thoughts & a quick recovery, RJ. Your bike will be ready when you are!”

While it doesn’t sound good, the “stable fracture to his T3 & T4 which will not require surgery” part is good to hear. We were hearing reports that he may have broken some vertebrae and it’s good to hear they are stable fractures. We wish RJ well and hope he has a speedy recovery.