“MX Health Hacks” is new feature written by MotoXAddicts contributor Chris Cooksey. Chris will test and research some of the leading fitness and medical aids marketed to MX and SX riders. He will do his due diligence to research and test the products and give the reader his honest opinion on whether or not the product produces legitimate health or fitness gains or does it fall into a long list of products that are nothing more than “Snake Oil.”

As I age, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to recover from days spent at the motocross track. While I am a young at heart, I have some serious mileage on my body with no immediate plans to slow down. I have endured enough surgeries to understand the surgical process like a medical professional. I do not have an ACL in my right knee, and that is the good one. I just completed my 7th shoulder surgery on my right shoulder. Non-motorcycle people consider me insane, but I like to think anyone on MotoXAddicts.com can relate to my love for the sport. I am constantly searching for new vitamins, gadgets, technologies and training methods to turn back the clock and keep me on my dirt bike.  This column is dedicated to the health hacks that work.  Anything I come across that keeps me feeling young will be featured here.

Chris may be aging but the former amateur standout in his day can still throw down on two wheels.

Recently I looked into air compression therapy after seeing Blake Baggett’s post on Instagram.  He uses a company called Rapid Reboot compression therapy has numerous proven benefits, including: improving blood circulation, reduction of inflammation and swelling, increased range of motion and so much more. Rapid Reboot has developed an athletic line of air compression technology to assist athletes with their recovery process. I ordered a pair of boots, hip and arm attachments and within a week I began enjoying the benefits of a quick recovery. I use the Rapid Reboot boots 10 minutes prior to riding and then 30 minutes after I get home. Without exaggeration, the boots are amazing! My legs feel better than they have in years and are not sore the next day.

I am a guy who suffers from chronic arm pump. Unfortunately, my day job prevents me from riding every day which is the only way to truly eliminate arm pump. When I used the arm attachments before riding, I noticed right away my arm pump did not set in until I was overly exhausted myself. The compression forces your body to oxygenate the blood in your extremities. Normally the day after riding I have sausage fingers but the Rapid Reboot system left my hands feeling almost normal the day after.

Blake Baggett seems to swear by the gains he gets from the Rapid Reboot.

After playing spider man in Tampa, @rapidreboot is helping get my body tuned up for this week ✊

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At $995, the Rapid Reboot System is an investment in our health, and possibly a steal compared to how much money we have tied up in our motocross bikes. I know my exhaust pipe is the same price as the Rapid Reboot system and I can guarantee the Rapid Reboot system increased my performance far more than my exhaust pipe did.