David Vuillemin—former Team France rider who helped his country win their first-ever MXoN in 2001—has been banned from this years team for having an opinion on the selection of Gautier Paulin over Marvin Musquin. Vuillemin is also the trainer of 2018 Team France selected rider Dylan Ferrandis.

Below is a comment from David Vuillemin’s Facebook page.

“Anyway, I won’t be at the nations in redbud in a month. Pascal Finot told me I wasn’t welcome in team France for this test. Helping, coaching, giving advice to Dylan without having the right to be in team France, and sidelined, is not a very positive climate to do a good job. In a sense, it is understandable and I accept it because I was very critical of the selection or rather the non-selection of Marvin Musquin, the best French pilot today.

I find it sad that differences of opinion (in my opinion, based) are more important than having the coach of one of the three pilots at his side for such an important race. There’s a lot more than “well go, put gas and not fall” in coaching of a pilot otherwise even the corner baker could coach Dylan and make him Winning races in the us like he did this year.

In a way, I thank gentlemen bolle, finot and paulin for this week of vacation that I will pass to the California sun or elsewhere. Thank you mr bolle, the real breeder of this french team with his senseless poker shots that always bear fruit for different reasons to nations. Thank you Mr. Finot for having, as usual, relayed the messages and instructions of the highest placed in the federal hierarchy. I see it’s more important to be a career player and follow his boss’s orders in his job nowadays… and finally, thank you Mr. Paulin. I still have to shoot him my hat to be indisputable and pilot number 1 of the selection in the eyes of the unofficial breeder. He is the 3th best French performer in 450 on the world stage today. In the eyes of the majority of us, he’s on paper the first choice, yes, but as a reservist. There must be Francis Underwood, the cult actor of the TV series “house of cards”, at Mr. Paulin’s. Congrats

The worst in this story is that they have great chances of winning by surfing this wave of success that has been theirs for a while in this competition. I never said he couldn’t win without Marvin but it would have been less difficult with him, simply. For my part, I will do the utmost to prepare the pilot pilot for this selection to be the first 250 in both sleeves. Unlike some people, I ignore the emotional and self-centered sides of the differences of opinion in business to get the best results. I understand it’s not given to everyone. Clearly…”