It started with the idea to invite all past Team USA racers to attend the race, and do a parade lap Sunday during opening ceremonies.  We asked Jeff Stanton to contact the racers.  He not only agreed, he decided they could get together for a dinner Friday night and sell tickets as a fundraiser for Road 2 Recovery.  Great idea!  Then he said “let’s split the racers up so there’s one at every table”, and every dinner guest gets to sit with a Team USA legend.  And surely we can find some moto historians like Davey Coombs, Rob Buydos, Tim Cotter and Jason Weigandt to emcee and interview the riders.  There will be more goodies and surprises in store for the dinner guests, and it will be one epic evening of Team USA reunions and stories.  For the rest of us, we’ll enjoy a parade on the racetrack like none other come Sunday, October 7.  Nicely done, @6time.

A Road 2 Recovery auction was set up so people could bid for seats at a particular table.  With the auction complete, tickets are now available to purchase; guests will be placed randomly at rider tables.  All auction proceeds will go to Road 2 Recovery, which will in turn make a contribution to the IRP (International Foundation for Research in Paraplegia), another to the Alpinestars Mobile Medical Unit to help bring it to MXoN, and continue to support the many R2R causes with the remainder.

Here’s how you can BUY TICKETS.

Here’s more on the International Foundation for Research in Paraplegia, more on Road 2 Recovery, and more on the Alpinestars Mobile Medical Unit.

TEAM USA, from 1970 to 2014, RIDERS ATTENDING: