Journeyman privateer supercross rider Deven Raper had a huge crash doing SX sprint laps at Milestone Tuesday, and he will unfortunately spending Thanksgiving laid up injured. “Don’t want to post this or even believe it but I should let everyone know I broke my pelvis and my nose today doing sprint laps at milestone,” Deven said on Facebook. “I endoed off a dragons back face first into the ground and the bike pummeled me. Good news is they’re saying no surgery for the pelvis but probably for my nose. Thank you to everyone reaching out and the well wishes. I’m devastated. I’ve been working hard to reach the higher goals I had set for myself next season and have been riding great. Just made a mistake and it cost me big time. Not sure what the future holds on getting back out there before the supercross season ends. Just want to take it day by day and feel better because this pain is unreal!”

This is a tough blow for Deven, who made two 450SX main events in 2018 and was looking to improve on that in 2019. The recovery time ranges quite a bit with a broken pelvis, but usually the injury calls for about three months before you can really begin rehabbing it with your full weight. Deven may have to write off the 2019 SX season and just focus on making a full recovery for future seasons.