Every year we always see a couple breakout privateers in the 250SX class of Monster Energy Supercross and if round 1 in Anaheim was any indication, Jess Pettis will likely be one of the those guys in 2019. The Canadian KTM rider started his year in the B qualifying group at A1 and he quickly showed he was in the wrong group. From the first free practice on, Jess was one to two-seconds faster than anyone in the B session and was nearing the top 10 of with the A and B group riders’ times combined.

Jess went to the night show with the 12th fastest time before grabbing the holeshot in his heat race, leading a couple of laps and qualifying for the main with a 4th. In the main, Jess once again felt at home on the sloppy A1 circuit and finished the night with a solid top ten—crossing the line in 10th. The big question now is, can the #160 back it up on the dry hard pack of Arizona this weekend?

Video by: Alternative Vision