The oxidation on Cole Seely’s factory HRC Honda

For as long as I can remember, FELD and Dirt Wurx—the track builders for Monster Energy Supercross—have been adding lime to the dirt as a drying agent when rain is expected. On Saturday in San Diego, Mother Nature pounded the circuit and it is beginning to look like too much lime may have been used. There has been a lot of evidence being posted on social media that suggest the overuse of the lime caused some painful burns on the riders’ bodies and some irreparable damage to some of their bikes as well.

Since Saturday night, numerous riders have gone to social media to complain about their skin being burnt by the lime and mechanics are complaining about the lime causing damage to the machines as well. “Me and other riders had problems with getting burns and rashes from the lime,” Ken Roczen said. “It’s so bad that I can Barely sit today for real! Nipples are pretty much gone too lol. This sucks.” And from Chad Reed, “Bring on the east mate. Hoping the bike weathered the lime better than my chest and nipples.”

Burn on Vince Friese’s body

Dirt Wurx has been using lime to soak up moisture on wet SX tracks as far back as the 1990’s, but a quick Google search on the negative effects of lime when it comes in contact with eyes or skin makes it very clear that it can cause burns and even possibly permanent damage. And when you Google lime in contact with aluminum, you get some serious warnings against it as well.

So far we have only heard from quite a few riders and mechanics about the pain it has caused to some of their bodies and the damage caused to some of their machines, and we hope that we will soon hear something from FELD about the situation soon.

Check out some of the social media posts below.

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Yesterday was a crazy day! I won my heat race and pulled a massive holeshot in the Main only to throw it away in the second turn 😡 i guess i was in second the whole time and then i got passed on the last straight away to go back to 3rd 🥴 Podium finish in these condition is fine by me and also sitting solid In points leaving the west coast. 🤙🏽 thank you peeps. 🙃@honda_powersports_us @redbull @foxracing @goartofsport @canyon_na @stancesocks @breitling Ps. Me and other riders had problems with getting burns and rashes from the lime. It’s so bad that i can Barely sit today for real! Nipples are pretty much gone too lol. This sucks

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Typically I would be at the track riding right now or in the gym. But someone made the call to put a chemical that’s known to burn skin in the dirt that they knew would be all over the skin of 80 or more riders. Is everyone just ok with this?

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More pics from #limegate at @monster_energy_supercross1 from @carlen_805 and the @bwrengines machine. What a mess!!! #motocross #motocrossfail #dirtrider #dirtbike #supercross #clr

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Thanks for putting lime in the dirt boys, as if it’s not hard enough to keep a bike going as a privateer. $9,000 bike looks like it’s been sitting outside for 10 years. #supercross #bummed #roached #privateer

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Before/after/after. I’m all about trying to dry these tracks out but maybe a bit excessive on the Lime this weekend Feld? When the riders skin is burned after the race and every bike is looking like this I say we went a lil far egh? Feeling for all the privateers who don’t have the funds and resources to get all this crap cleaned up 😤 #nomorefingerprints

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Read the comments in the post below from Chad Reed’s mechanic Ben Schiermeyer, about the damage done below.

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P-5 moving in the right direction. What a mess but we weathered the strom with the best finish off the season. Ready for some East coast. 📸 @browndogwilson #jgr #jgrmx #supercross2019 #limegate

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