During their 450SX heat race at the 2019 Arlington SX, Tyler Bowers gets a little out of line with Justin Barcia. The move puts them both on the ground and sends them both to the LCQ for what looked like might turn into a possible rematch. Instead Tyler is pulled off the gate and sat down for the night.

Word is Tyler was disqualified possibly because the heat race hit was retaliation for an incident that dates all the way back to the 2018 Las Vegas SX. I hope we find out later that Tyler did something to Justin in the staging tunnel because the take out in Arlington wasn’t much worse that anything we see on a weekly basis in SX.

Check out gif from tonight’s 2019 Arlington SX incident and you can watch the incident from 2018 Las Vegas SX at the bottom of this post.

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I think if the FIM/AMA are going to enforce these rules and DQ riders for “dirty riding” or “retaliation”, they need to draw a more definitive line in the sand and DQ riders every time it fits the description, or they need to let it all go and let the riders handle it themselves. This DQ when it feels right and let it go when that feels right just is not how we should be policing a legit sport with TV deals, million dollar athletes and 50,000 butts in the stands every week.

Check out video from the 2018 Las Vegas SX below.






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