Red Bull KTM Factory rider Jorge Prado showed that he isn’t going to be beaten easily in 2019. The defending World MX2 champion produced a perfect 1-1 Sunday in Argentina after a (for him) slow start to the weekend, finishing second in the Saturday qualification race and constantly being slower than 2018 World runner-up Thomas Olsen.

We sat down with Prado and talked about his performance in Argentina and his idea of moving to the MXGP class in 2020. Don’t be surprised to see him move up if he gets his second title, and not head to America as some would like.

In my opinion and many others, this kid will be very, very good on the 450 machine and his situation with the De Carli team in Italy seems like a match in heaven, not to mention Antonio Cairoli as his adviser once the King of MXGP retires.

Jorge started his title defense w/a 1-1

First GP of the year and a nice result?

It was great to be back at the GP’s and it’s a long season, but so much fun. I woke up and felt great and the starts were important. Twice first and first overall, and leading the championship again.


It didn’t start how you maybe expected on the Saturday?

Saturday I felt good. I don’t need to win everything to win the championship, Saturday I felt good, but Sunday I woke up and felt way better. I felt okay on Saturday. I had good starts and my rhythm was good both motos and I did what I had to do, consistent lap times and having fun until the end.


It’s a track that everybody likes, and you pushed pretty hard to get away from everyone.

Yes, it is a track that everybody likes probably, because everybody can go fast you know. It is tough to make a gap or difference on this track. It is kind of a strange track, wide open everywhere. I don’t say I don’t like it, because in one way I don’t, because it is so hard to make a difference between your rivals, but it is fun to ride.


Obviously Saturday Antonio didn’t finish and you didn’t win, and I guess a lot of people were thinking maybe KTM won’t win everything, and you guys come out on Sunday and just dominate everything.

Well, Antonio had a problem, so he couldn’t do anything and I don’t need to win on Saturday when the points are important, and Sunday we get the points. I didn’t need to win today, because it is a long season, and sure it is nice to go 1-1 to start, and once you go 1-1 it is perfect. Our goal was to leave this race with some points and healthy.

The Spaniard helped KTM to a 1-1 sweep in MX2 and MXGP.

Tom Vialle rode very well considering it’s his first GP?

He had the holeshot in the first one and I passed him after a few corners and it is his first year in MX2 and we will see later in the season how he does.


You look a little bigger than last year, is that the case?

I am probably a bit bigger, but not taller.


There is all the talk about the rule change for next year, with you possible having to go to the MXGP class if you win this year. What is your opinion on all that, are you ready for MXGP?

First I want to win the championship, we will see first. After that we will start thinking, the 450 class is very strong, and I have the best team-mate I could have, it is a very good reference for me, training with him, if one day I need to jump to 450 I know where I need to be.


A lot of people, including myself see you as a top five MXGP guy anyway, but with your slender build I guess it would be hard to keep the condition for a complete season. Maybe similar to your first MX2 year where you sometimes got tired?

I mean, it depends how you ride the 450, and it’s aggressive, but you don’t need to ride it aggressive, at the same time you can ride it smooth, if you ride it aggressive that is when the problems start. You need to ride the 250 aggressive, really aggressive. Like you said, I am pretty slim, but we will see.