There is a lot of things you might be able to say about JGR / Suzuki’s Chad Reed, but nobody will ever doubt the former two-time SX and one-time MX Champs toughness. Laying in a hospital bed with eight broken ribs, a broken scapula and a collapsed lung, the oldest rider in the game is still talking about lining up for his record 250th career main event at the Las Vegas SX finale.

Chad said from his Instagram account moments ago: “Up and outta bed without passing out, check. Tried checking myself outta here yesterday buttttt fainted going from bed to wheelchair. Liking my chances better today lol
Thanks for all the love. I love having a purpose and a goal. Though it seems impossible right now, I’m setting a goal of racing Vegas because I know I’ll be a better human for it. 6weeks #250.”

I’m not sure if Vegas is going to happen, but I think if the 37-year-old can do it he will. There were people calling Chad’s career over on Saturday night, but he doesn’t even want his season to be over. I think this is a sign that the old man still may even have another year in him.

Check out Ellie Reed and Chad’s Instagram posts below. If ever there is a power couple in moto, those two are it.


Dan Lamb is a 12+ year journalist and the owner of MotoXAddicts.