James Stewart came out of hiding two weeks ago and dropped a post on Instagram that hinted towards something big happening from him on March 29. James was his normal cryptic self saying, “It’s hard to speak when you’re not sure if you believe in what you’re saying.. sometimes decisions in life come within minutes … sometimes they take years. But whatever one you make, make sure it’s the one you believe in no matter what others believe is right for you. The moment has come for me to speak to all of you. Very Sorry it’s taken so long but I had to know forsure it’s the one I believe in…”

We have known for quite some time that a documentary series is coming and assumed that is what James was hinting about, but everyone in the media, for the most part, have kept quiet and left the hype and the announcement for JS7. Today, though, Rocky Mountain ATV/MC dropped their own promo for the series and kind of let the cat out of the bag. I assume they are part of the project, but we are a little surprised by the post from them.

From Rocky Mountain ATV/MC : “In case you forgot.. SevenMX is dropping the start of James Stewart’s documentary series tomorrow. Friday just got better. You’re welcome.⁣”

Either way, we are looking forward to seeing what all the hype is about and will definitely be posting the video here at MotoXAddicts if we get it in our email. You can watch the trailer and see the Instagram posts below.

Update: Tomorrow is here:

#7 Raw, episode one from SEVEN on Vimeo.


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