It was again Antonio Cairoli and Jorge Prado with the wins, but a lot of guys showed good speed in the mud of Mantova at the 2019 MXGP of Lombardia.

Tony Cairoli: “It was very nice to be back in Italy and despite the weather, there was a lot of people here today. The race itself went perfectly and we knew the start would be important, especially on a track that was so rutted – it was completely different to what it was yesterday. I’m really happy and thanks to all the team for their great work. It is very early to look at the standings so my focus is to stay in front as long as possible and try not to make a mistake. Hopefully, we can be on the podium again next week in Portugal. It is important to be consistent and my goal this season is to always be in the top three. We’ll see how it goes.”

Jorge Prado: “After a month off it was good to come back and get on top of the podium; for the confidence also. I felt really good here from the beginning and it was important to make good starts today: that was the key of the race, as well as staying on two wheels! I enjoyed the second moto a lot. It was really nice to ride that track. It is a place where you need to get the rhythm and let it flow and roll. I could make it happen today. It is very difficult to stay at this level and not make any mistakes and good starts every time: it’s tough. I need to keep concentrating and catch the lead.”

Pauls Jonass: “This weekend has been really great. I think the qualification race, even if I didn’t get the result I hoped for, was really important for me. Getting a good start and running close to the front really gave me a lot of confidence, which I took into today’s racing. Of course, the track was muddy, but I like the mud, so I felt good. I didn’t get perfect starts, but I managed to make some quick passes and avoid making any big mistakes. Getting the runner-up result in the first moto felt so, so good. The track was a little more one-lined in the second moto but again I felt good. I felt like I was a little quicker than Bogers but I got sideways a few times trying to pass him, so I decided not to take any more chances and just settle down. Getting a good overall result is much more important. To finish second overall, to get my first MXGP podium, to be stood on the box with Cairoli, it’s a very special moment for me. I feel like something has clicked in a positive way now with racing a 450. I’m not at 100% yet but I’m feeling a lot more confident and this result gives me a lot of motivation to keep working hard.”

Gautier Paulin: “Today we had a difficult track, but we worked really hard over the last five weeks and made a big step forwards with the bike. I didn’t expect this result, but I am happy to be on the box. I am already looking forward to the next GP in Portugal, I really enjoy the track there so I can’t wait to get back behind the gate.”

Jeremy Seewer: “Tough conditions today, so considering that my result was okay. A lot of people have bad races in these conditions and I was able to post two solid results. When you look at it like that, you have to be happy. I was 7th overall in the GP which is two places behind where I want to be, and I moved up to 6th in the championship, but it is not about that right now. I want to do better; I just need to learn to get through the first few turns without being bullied.”

Arnaud Tonus: “It was a tough day for me. I crashed in the start and then three or four more times, so it was just a rough moto for me. In the second moto I had a better start and managed to get up to tenth. I know I still have some things to work on, so I will keep working and come back stronger next weekend.”

Arminas Jasikonis: “This has definitely been a special GP, but it’s not gone like I hoped it would with my result in the second moto. I had one positive race and one where I just focused on survival if I’m honest. The first race went well, but I was a little too steady possibly. I had a good rhythm going and didn’t make any bad mistakes – it was good to get two Rockstar Energy Husqvarna inside the top three. Race two was tough. I had to shut off down the start straight and from there things were difficult. I also fell and, well, it was a tough moto. I finished the race, I didn’t pick up any injuries and I’m still fourth in the championship, so things weren’t too bad. My speed in the opening race was good, so I’ll take that into the next GP, in Portugal.”

Thomas Kjer-Olsen: “That was a tough GP, especially the first moto. Considering I got caught up in the first corner, as well as needing to make a goggle change, I’m pleased that I was able to work my way back to sixth. It’s never ideal to have so much work to do in a race, but I kept my cool and worked my way forward. I’m pleased with the way I rode. The track was tough, but I kind of enjoyed it. It was tricky in places but not too difficult, having some sand in the terrain meant it wasn’t full-on mud. I felt good in the second moto. A good start helped me a lot. I moved forward a few places and ran second for most of the moto, which I’m pleased with. It’s been a positive weekend and I’m looking forward to Portugal now.”

Jago Geerts: “I had a good start in the first heat and managed to move quickly into 2nd before I crashed, and fell back to third. I bounced back quickly and got back to second, so I was happy with my riding. In the second race, I fell at the start and made some more mistakes, but again, I rode pretty good, so overall I am happy with how the weekend went.”

Ben Watson: “We had a lot of rain going into today and the track was just a mud-fest. I had two terrible starts, which is the story of my year really, and then it was a nightmare coming through the pack and this track is not exactly easy to pass on. I just had one of those days. One to forget.”

Tom Vialle: “A much better second race and a good start. Jorge passed me on the first lap so I decided to follow him and I’m pleased with my feeling on the bike. The track was difficult with long ruts and I had some pain after my crash yesterday but to come back with that result in the second moto was good: I’m happy and a big thanks to all the Red Bull KTM team.”

Rene Hofer: “My first GP and it was exciting but also a bit disappointing. It was good to see and learn about the class and the speed of the guys, and I think I was riding pretty OK but when I caught my knee in the first moto I had a lot of pain. There is a little bit of damage to the ligament but I should be OK for the next round of the European Championship.”

Tim Gajser: “It was a tough day, after a whole night of raining. The track was a bit sketchy and one-lined and it made the start very important. Unfortunately, in the first race I crashed right at the beginning and had to go directly into the pit lane to change my goggles and remove my neck brace. During the race, I made a few mistakes because I had to leave the main line to make the passes and this was where the track was very tricky. I was really disappointed to finish 10th and it’s not where I wanted to be. I had a slightly better start in race two, rounding the second bend in around 10th or 12th position. I was able to make a number of quick passes but when I got to behind Coldenhoff, I just couldn’t make the pass. I knew I was faster and I posted the fastest lap of the race but I just couldn’t get around him because of how one-lined the track was. Because of all the roost, I had to throw my goggles away and then it was very difficult. It was a horrible day but that’s sometimes how motocross can be. I will move on from here and head to Portugal extremely motivated to get back to winning ways.”

Henry Jacobi: “It was not an easy weekend! I made a good start in the first race but in the first corner many riders came together and someone hit me from behind; I was under three bikes so I was the last to get going again but I made a good comeback to eleventh so I was confident for the second race. I took a good start and passed some people to battle for third but with two laps to go I had some troubles with the bike and stopped.”

Petar Petrov:  “Weekend was good until the second moto. Five laps to go I was running 14th and getting close to 13th and 12th, but then the bike broke. I felt we made improvements with the bike and suspension and that was important. First moto I had a horrible first 10 minutes, I wasn’t riding good. The second part of the moto was better, but the second moto I was riding really good and I felt I could have finished 12th or 13th. We keep working and hopefully back next weekend and try hard again.”

Adam Sterry: “Today was a different story than yesterday … unfortunately. In the first race I had a good start but there was a big crash in the first corner and I ended up on the ground; I was a long way back but I could come back through to twelfth so I was happy with my riding. In the second race I got a good start but somebody crashed right in front of me and I got stuck; I had to come from behind again to fourteenth. Now we will focus on Portugal to earn the results we deserve.”

Brian Bogers: “My good day actually started last night when it started raining, so that made the track a bit of a mess but I actually quite like these sort of conditions. Overall it wasn’t too bad and definitely not as bad as something like Russia a couple of years back but I knew that I could do well. In the first heat I got a terrible start because I crashed and got stuck under the bike and I couldn’t move until somebody helped me. After that I had to change my goggles and even with that I ended up 20th. It wasn’t the result I wanted so I was very focused for the second race, especially at the start and that helped me turn the first corner in third place. After a couple of laps, the rider in front of me crashed, so I stayed in second place for the rest of the race. My speed was very good, my fitness was good and I’m just really happy with this result. This whole team do a great job, they support me and keep believing in me and I know with their help I can do this on a normal track too. We are still building and this is a great step in the process.”

Calvin Vlaanderen: “The day was completely different from yesterday with all the rain, and that meant the riding was a lot harder. I went down at the start of the first moto and had to pass a lot of riders to get back to 17th place. Then in race two I had a better start but made some small mistakes and ended up in 10th place. My riding wasn’t great but I am happy I could come here and race and get some points and I think that’s good for the next few weekends. Obviously, we need to improve but with the help of my team I know that we will do everything possible to make that happen. I also know that each day my leg feel better and that will help me get back to my pre-injury form when I was challenging for podium positions.”

Mitchell Evans: “I am happy to be back racing and see the improvements we have made over the break. Saturday was a good day, with a good start and third in the qualifying race. On Sunday I was feeling good and had a smile on my face about the tough conditions. Unfortunately, a crash, in turn, one of race one and hitting the gate in race two left me with a lot of ground to make up. I am happy with my riding in the tough conditions though and that I was able to make my way through the field for two good results. Thanks to my team!”

Clement Desalle: “When I saw the track this morning I wasn’t so confident as at the moment it’s difficult for me to put my leg on the ground if the bike slides. But it didn’t change my plan; the goal was to do the best I could and I think I achieved that. I had a good gate pick and got some decent starts in both motos. Fifth in the first race was a good result; I didn’t want to crash so I didn’t take any risks. The second moto was similar and I finished sixth for fourth overall. It’s a positive result if you consider that I couldn’t train on the bike for one month. I will continue to work this week physically and maybe get in some riding. This evening I feel some pain in my hands and shoulders but that’s normal after so long off the bike and I know that it will be better next week.”

Julien Lieber: “It was not the weekend I could expect. I qualified eleventh on Saturday, so the gate pick was not so bad for the races. The track was completely different on Sunday, and after an early crash I did my best to come back fourteenth, it was not easy to pass as there was mainly one line. My second start was a little better and I was ninth behind Desalle and Paturel when I had an issue and had to retire. Disappointing weekend, we’ll focus on Portugal now.”


Dan Lamb is a 12+ year journalist and the owner of MotoXAddicts.