During the second 450 Pro moto at the San del Lee Circuit in Ontario, Mike Alessi and Phil Nicoletti got into a heated battle that resulted in Mike punting Phil off the track during a pass attempt.

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After the racing was over, Phil approached Mike and made it clear that “If I see you on the streets bitch, I’ll fucking kill you.” Look, nobody thinks Phil is going to kill anyone and the #54 was obviously just heated—which he definitely has a reputation for—but because of the threat and the fact that it was in front of everyone near the podium, Phil was disqualified. While I love Filthy Phil’s attitude and his lack of filter, I think he needs to assess his audience a little better.

Mike was penalized for his aggressive pass and I’m not sure I agree with that one. The bump was a big one, but nobody went down.

You can check out videos of all the incidents below and the penalties levied on the riders and teams below the videos.

Direct Motocross posted this video below of the post race incident that got Phil Nicoletti in trouble.


FF to 2hr 15min in – You can watch on track incident between Alessi and Nicoletti by clicking play and Fast Forwarding to 2 hours and 15 minutes into the video.


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