After winning the opening moto at Millville last weekend, GEICO / Honda’s Hunter Lawrence looked like he had once again found his groove, but he is likely done for the year now with an injury. “Hey guys, so a freak accident happened yesterday whilst i was out training, ” Hunter Lawrence said from Instrgarm. “We had something break in the engine at the top of a jump upramp and locked up, by the time i let go of the handlebars i was already lawn darting into the ground, my team pulled apart the engine asap and what we found was a freak accident and what part broke we normally run for 100 hours and this part only had 3 hrs on it! So it wasn’t my teams fault we are digging to the bottom of it to prevent this happening again, thankyou to my team for supporting me in times like this and everyone else who rides this rollercoaster of a sport with me, as of now we are unsure of the time frame i am out for but getting checked up today, most likely surgery is required, so sorry guys i’m speechless, good luck to my team mates this weekend, put those red rockets out front.”

Hunter was not specific about exactly what body part was injured and may require surgery, but with just four rounds left on the schedule it sounds like we have lost the Australian for the remainder of 2019 motocross. We wish him luck in his recovery and look forward to seeing him back on the bike. Or as he put it, “those red rockets.”


Dan Lamb is a 12+ year journalist and the owner of MotoXAddicts.