Not a bad hill-climbing debut for Josh Hill. The #75 won the 450 class and finished 2nd in the Open class. In Open class, he was riding Jay Sallstrom’s Yamaha R6 running nitromethane. Josh is one gnarly mother f-‘er on whatever he decides to throw a leg over that day.

Video by Gaston Gardey Media and report below by: Motoclimb Super Series

Poags Hole is the most prestigious motoclimb race in the country, if not the world. Running since 1997, the Mistretta family has built up a race that brings the top athletes from all across the country. It’s thousands of spectators, gnarly 750′ foot hill, and big purse is the reason many of these riders dub it the super bowl of this sport.

Hosting Round 3 of the IRC Motoclimb Super Series, many knew that Poags Hole was going to be a game-changer for those battling in the championship points race and the fourth spot for the 2020 USA Motoclimb Team. Logan Cipala left Poags with a smaller points lead, and Austin Teyler passed up Harold Waddell for the second position in the chase. Jay Sallstrom opened the door for a unique opportunity this year, inviting Monster Energy’s Josh Hill to race his Yamaha R6 on nitromethane. Never competing in a motoclimb event before, Josh took the overall win with a 2-1 finish in both classes, also snagging the King of the Hill runoff.

Other notables were John Flyin’ Koester’s Open class win aboard his Honda CBR 600 on nitro, Jack Mason’s third-place finish in the Open class, Joe Shipman’s second place in the 450 Main, and Austin Teyler’s third place in the 450 Main.

Film: Gaston Gardey, Elevated Action Sports, Kaeson Shipman, Dwight Hill
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