Riverside, CA 10/24/19 – For the past 10 years the prospect of selling Milestone has been discussed and multiple developers and Real Estate people have made their bid on turning the world wide recognized motocross tracks into their version of the best potential use for the land. The reason why Milestone no longer has night practice, in fact, is because of a Realtor that decided to retaliate when their offer was not accepted causing problems with permits that were never completed by the original owner requiring us to take down the lights.

Various offers and projects have come and gone due to the fact that Milestone rests in a flood zone. The prospect of building on the land requires raising the entire property by 15 feet. A project that not only has costs in the millions but also has its logistic issues of where to get that amount of material. Time after time different investors started the process and failed because of the hurdles that the property presented to their plans.

The most recent project has been in the works for over three years. It has had many hurdles, missed deadlines and drastically changed direction more than once. Most recently a spillway easement was discovered which nobody was aware of from the 1950’s. This threatened the project as well and it seemed as though the highest and best use of the property would forever be a motocross track.

After a lot of laboring and negotiating the easement was just removed this week. The buyer has moved swiftly on their plans since then and as of just today (and not before even though several social media pages have claimed to know) has closed on their purchase of the land. What this means for Milestone is that we will continue to operate our Main, Vet, Beginner, SX, PeeWee, Flat Track and Amateur SX track for the next 45 days. Dec. 8th will be the final day of operation as a motocross track. In the time between now and then there will be some adjustments to the weekly schedule so that we can prepare to move out of Milestone. The total process will happen over the next 60 days.

Even though we are constantly tested by know it all keyboard warriors, mini parents with unrealistic expectations or people with a sense of extreme entitlement a year and a half ago we started the process of building a new facility. The location is on the border of Perris and Lake Elsinore along the 74 Hwy and provides 90 acres of property with 300 feet of elevation. The site plan is currently in the CUP process and all departments involved in the approval have stated we have a path to completion. Studies for biology, animals, traffic, building, fire, health and safety, planning, archeology and more are already in process and looking good. What all this means to you as a rider is that once completed the new track will be a state of the art facility. With all the current requirements on building we are conditioned to make the facility better than any existing track for its users.

New facility planned

The name of the new location will be JS63 MX and in the plans, we will have a Main, Vet, PeeWee, SX, Amateur SX, and Side x Side course with potential for running a large format GP loop. Amenities in the plans include a full shop, event hall, shop space for pro teams, RV parking with hookups, showers, laundry, viewing decks, swimming pool, snack bar, permanent restrooms, shade structures, gravel parking and much more.

Since we started the process with JS63 MX re-opening the old Starwest also became an opportunity, We are very proud to have re-opened the facility as State Fair MX. We have been making weekly improvements and currently operate a Main and Vet track layout from 9-4pm every day except Wednesday and Thursday when we are closed. State Fair MX is getting great reviews and praise as something different and fun when compared to other tracks in So Cal. Every rider has a story of the memories made riding this track at the So Cal State Fairgrounds. We are also excited to host the Mini Major from Nov. 7-10. Lights are going up this week and once the full system is complete there will be a night schedule to compliment Perris Raceways schedule including a mini only night.

Even with Milestone going away in December there will be more available hours to ride tracks than what is currently available in the area. With JS63 MX opening in 2020 a state of the art facility will be added to the So Cal area.

For the $80 a month Unlimited MX Pass (formerly FAST Pass) holders you will still have full access to Milestone, Perris and State Fair MX through Dec 8 then after it will be two tracks to ride unlimited laps at with Perris Raceway and State Fair MX. Once JS63 MX is opened you will have access there as well. The close of Milestone is helping us expedite and fund that JS63 MX project and it is our goal to open ASAP. If you have a desire to cancel your pass simply email info@unlimitedmx.com. You cannot change your pass by phone.

We thank all our supporting riders and families and look forward to what the future holds. We are constantly invested in bringing new riders to the market and supporting the brands and media who work in motocross and SX. It is extremely difficult on its own to permit and open a new track. Millions are being spent to provide more areas to ride and create memories with your family and friends. For the most part, we feel great appreciation for these efforts and that alone helps motivate us to push forward. Even though a handful of people test our motivation on a regular basis, mostly on social media, we rely on the appreciative riders to help keep these negative delusional few under control. There will always be more riders than there are track builders. With every new rider and family, there needs to be an education process on the inherent dangers and reasonable expectations for what a track can provide. Next time you are at the track talk to the person parked next to you. Learn their story. Help them learn about the sport. We have gained friendships that will last a lifetime at the tracks long before running them. We hope you will create friendships and memories to last a lifetime as well.

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Dan Lamb is a 12+ year journalist and the owner of MotoXAddicts.