World Cup Downhill Mountain Bike racer Bernard Kerr continues his quest to try and qualify at A1—which is looking less likely that the AMA is on board with—and heads to the Pro Circuit / Kawasaki test track where Garrett Marchbanks and Austin Forkner are also turning laps in preparation for 2020.

I think it’s awesome how far Bernard has come with his SX skills in such a short time and he is probably faster than a few riders we see with AMA Pro licenses trying to qualify weekly that I won’t name, but I think he should probably line up for a few races before unloading his bike at a Monster Energy Supercross race and trying to qualify against the best in the world. I do appreciate the effort, though, and I gotta admit that I’ve followed his videos. It’s been cool watching guys like Jeremy McGrath, Weston Peick, Alex Ray and others helping Bernard on his SX skills.

In this latest video, Forkner even throws some SX tips Bernard’s way. It looks weird seeing Forker with the #52 after the dominant start he had to SX in 2019. Unfortunately, he injured his knee and missed a third of his ’19 SX season and all of the outdoors. In the little bit they show of Forker in the video, he looks as aggressive as ever. Marchbanks is on the #36 with his number #61 from ’19 still on the back of his jersey. It’s cool seeing Austin end his day by helping Bernard out. You can follow all of Bernard’s PrAy1 videos here.






Dan Lamb is a 12+ year journalist and the owner of MotoXAddicts.