With the laps winding down and Jett Lawrence having a comfy 11-second lead, the rookie crashed and allowed Dylan Ferrandis to get a lot closer. With just 2 laps to go, Dylan found Jett’s rear wheel and the battle was on. The two made contact a couple of times before Jett rides the front wheel out of a rhythm section and lawn darts head first into the Anaheim soil—knocking himself unconscious and breaking his collarbone. Ferrandis went on to take the checkered flag first, while Lawrence proved at just 16 years-old that he could be a major player for a long time to come. Bummer deal for the young Australian prodigy, but he will be back.

Watch the final few laps and Jett’s crash from a fans’ view inside Anaheim Stadium below.

Video by: Summit Moto






Dan Lamb is a 12+ year journalist and the owner of MotoXAddicts.