In the second 450SX main event at the 2020 Arlington SX main event, Red Bull / KTM’s Cooper Webb got out of sorts off the top of the dragon’s back and was taken for a very scary ride and dropped onto the concrete like a ton of bricks. It was the same exact section and crash that Adam Cianciarulo had earlier that broke his collar bone and took the #9 out of commission.

After being looked at by the medics, Cooper was helped onto the medics mule and taken to the pits. The KTM team has since confirmed that Cooper was taken to the local area hospital.

Update 10:45pm PST Saturday: It sounds like Cooper just got some good news from the hospital. “Some times you ride the bull sometimes you get the horns, Cooper said from his Instagram account moments ago. “Just left medical examinations and I got very lucky with just hematoma to my pelvis as well as my sacrum. Extremely lucky and blessed to only walk away with that. Thanks everyone for the support and prayers. Not quite done yet.”

You can watch the video of Cooper Webb’s crash and see his Instagram update below.






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