During the first main event at the 2020 Arlington SX “Triple Crown” race, RJ Hampshire went to the lead off the start and led the first five laps before Chase Sexton made a clean pass on him. RJ was not happy about the pass—or maybe some lingering hate—and he immediately went after Sexton’s front wheel in the next turn. In the end, though, Sexton got the last laugh by getting up and finishing 2nd in that main event, winning main event two and taking the overall win on the night while RJ finished 3rd overall.

I heard on a Steve Matthes interview with Sexton in Arlington that there’s some lingering bad blood between the two that stems from Sexton taking Hampshire out at the Soring Creek National last year. I guess that has carried over into 2020. This could be a fun battle to watch as the season moves on.

You can watch SupercrossLive‘s video of the aggressive pass below:






Dan Lamb is a 12+ year journalist and the owner of MotoXAddicts.