Round 8 of the 2020 AMA Supercross series in Arlington, Texas’s AT&T Stadium marked the second Triple Crown event of the season, and Team Honda’s Ken Roczen went into it with high hopes, having swept the previous event that was run under the three-race format, in Glendale, Arizona. Although the German didn’t ultimately capture another victory, he and his team were pleased to come away with an impressive second-place finish, via 1-7-2 results, leaving them in the championship hunt.

Roczen started the night on a strong note, launching out of the gate to a third-place race-one start and making some aggressive passes to take over the lead on the first lap. He continued to impress out front, riding flawlessly to take the win in the first race. He was unable to replicate his start in the second race, as he bobbled out of the gate and was shuffled to the middle of the pack, coming around in 10th. He struggled to make the necessary passes, battling hard but swapping back and forth before taking the checkered flag in seventh. In the final race, Roczen started in fourth and spent the subsequent 17 laps in a heated four-way battle, ultimately reaching the finish in second.

It was an all-around tough day for Roczen’s teammate Justin Brayton, as a number of crashes throughout the day and evening ultimately led to his early retirement from the second race, and his non-participation in the third.


  • Prior to Saturday’s gate drop, Al Lamb’s Dallas Honda hosted an open house, where hundreds of fans were in attendance to meet their favorite Red Riders. On hand were Team Honda HRC’s Ken Roczen and Justin Brayton, GEICO Honda’s Chase Sexton and Jo Shimoda, and Team BWR Engines Honda.
  • Smartop/MotoConcepts/Bullfrog Spas Honda’s Justin Hill was on fire during daytime qualifying, topping both sessions aboard his CRF450R and securing the quickest time with a 45.968’ lap. Roczen was sixth-fastest with a 46.765’ lap, while Brayton was ninth with a time of 47.185’. Hill’s teammates Malcolm Stewart and Vince Friese were 13thand 18th, respectively.
  • There were technically three racers under the Team Honda HRC tent in Arlington, as Brayton’s daughter Parker participated in the STACYC Holeshot Challenge following the first 450SX race. With short turnaround times between races, Justin was unable to be on the line with Parker, but she was joined by her mother Paige and team press manager Mandie Fonteyn. Prior to the challenge, Parker had joined her father for the opening ceremonies.
  • The Arlington Supercross marked round two of the 250SX East series, and GEICO Honda’s Chase Sexton put together a stellar performance, securing the overall victory aboard his CR250R with 2-1-2 finishes. In the night’s first race, Sexton got off to a third-place start, moving into second on lap four. He then set his sights on RJ Hampshire, closed the gap and made a blistering pass through the whoops to take over the front spot. Unfortunately, it was short-lived as he was taken down by Hampshire. Sexton remounted in fifth and put together a hard charge, working his way back into second by the checkered flag. Sexton came back with vengeance in the second race, getting a strong start and moving into the lead on the opening lap. From there, the defending champion stayed in front to the end, taking a dominant win. When the gate dropped on the final race, Sexton once again started well and quickly settled into second, which is where he finished. His GEICO Honda teammate Jeremy Martin also had a strong showing, finishing just shy of the podium in fourth, via 5-3-4 finishes. Meanwhile, rookie Jo Shimoda scored another top-10 finish in only his second professional supercross race, landing 10thwith 14-10-8 results.
  • As usual, there were more Hondas than any other brand in the night program, with six in 450SX and eight in 250SX East.
  • As the series approaches the halfway point, Roczen sits second in the 450SX standings with 174 points, only seven out of the championship lead. Stewart rests seventh with 122, while Hill has 110 points in eighth. Brayton rounds out the top 10 with 105 points.
  •  This coming Saturday, Team Honda HRC will be in Atlanta, Georgia, to take on round nine of the AMA Supercross series. On the eve of the race, Roczen and Brayton will participate in press day, giving them the opportunity to preview the track. Then they’ll head to Mountain Motorsports of Marietta for an autograph session from 6 to 7 p.m.

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Ken Roczen 94

“The first main was really good. I made some moves early and while I wouldn’t say I checked out, I rode up front the whole race. It was good to get that first win and start with a low number for the night’s overall points. I think the second race is the most important and we wanted to go out there and get a good finish, but it just wasn’t our race at all. I didn’t get the start I wanted and then couldn’t find the same momentum. I’m happy with how we executed the last race though. I battled hard and went back and forth with Eli [Tomac] a couple times and just rode much better in traffic, having people in front of me and making some passes. All in all, with how many crashes there were throughout the whole day and night, and how I struggled with the track overall, I’m really happy to come away healthy and with second overall.”

Justin Brayton 10

“Man, what a rough night. I had five crashes in one day—that’s more than I’ve had total in the past few years! I had three in practice, and the last one I thought was going to end my night. I caught my foot on the takeoff of the finish-line jump and it sent me down hard. I decided to suit up for the races after being checked out and cleared by the medical staff. In the first race, I got a good start, was running in fifth and feeling good. Unfortunately, with a few minutes to go, I crashed in the whoops. Then in the second ra, race, I crashed again, high-siding in a corner, and that one ended my night. I’m honestly sitting here in disbelief about how it all happened, but I’m also thankful nothing is seriously injured and I’ll be good for Atlanta.”

Erik Kehoe

Team Manager

“Today was a rollercoaster. It was good for Ken, but a bummer for Justin. Ken struggled a bit with the track early but seemed to find his groove later in the night. We didn’t have the consistency we ultimately needed for the win but he rode strong in the first and third race to still get second. For Justin, it was just an off day. He had multiple crashes throughout the day and it caused him to call it a night early. Luckily, he’s relatively okay and just sore, so he should be ready to go for Atlanta.”

Jordan Troxell

Mechanic (Ken Roczen)

“We’re happy to be leaving with another second tonight. These Triple Crown races are all about consistency, and unfortunately we were off in the second race, which made it tough to get the overall win. Second is still solid though, and we only lost a few points in the championship. We’re still right there and in a good position at this point in the season. Bike-wise, we didn’t make any big adjustments, just got it dialed for the track conditions. We’ve got a good base and Ken’s pretty happy, so we’re just working on small adjustments from here.”

Brent Duffe

Mechanic (Justin Brayton)

“There’s not much to say about today other than it was really tough for Justin. It was just one of those off days that continues to spiral from the first practice. I give him huge props though, he’s a tough guy. We were worried and didn’t know if he’d be walking away from his crash in the last qualifying practice, so for him to go out and race at all was impressive. We’re happy to put this one behind us and to know that he’s not seriously hurt. We’ll come back better in Atlanta.”

AMA Supercross 2020 Saturday, February 22nd 2020

Race Round 8  Arlington Supercross

450SX Main Event Results

Pos. Rider Num Nation Points Team Constructor Time/Gap
1 TOMAC Eli 3 USA 26 Monster Energy Kawasaki Kawasaki (5-1-1-)
2 ROCZEN Ken 94 GER 23 Team Honda HRC Honda (1-7-2)
3 ANDERSON Jason 21 USA 21 Rockstar Husqvarna Husqvarna (3-2-5)
4 BARCIA Justin 51 USA 19 Monster Energy Factory Yamaha Racing Yamaha (4-5-4)
5 OSBORNE Zach USA 18 Rockstar Husqvarna Husqvarna (7-4-3)
6 HILL Justin 48 USA 17 Smartop Bullfrog Spas MotoConcepts Honda Honda (6-3-8)
7 STEWART Malcolm 27 USA 16 Smartop Bullfrog Spas MotoConcepts Honda Honda (8-6-9)
8 PLESSINGER Aaron 7 USA 15 Monster Energy Factory Yamaha Racing Yamaha (9-10-7)
9 WILSON Dean 15 GBR 14 Rockstar Husqvarna Husqvarna (13-9-6)
10 BAGGETT Blake 4 USA 13 Rocky Mountain ATV/MC KTM WPS KTM (10-8-13)
11 FRIESE Vince 45 USA 12 Smartop Bullfrog Spas MotoConcepts Honda Honda (12-11-10)
12 WEBB Cooper 2 USA 11 Red Bull KTM KTM (2-17-20)
13 REED Chad 22 AUS 10 Mountain Motorsports/CBDmd/CR22 Racing Honda (14-12-16)
14 BREECE Ryan 86 USA 9 None Yamaha (18-15-11)
15 CHISHOLM Kyle 11 USA 8 Chisholm Racing Kawasaki (19-13-12)
16 BOWERS Tyler 69 USA 7 Bowers Racing Kawasaki (16-14-14))
17 DAVALOS Martin 47 ECU 6 Team Tedder KTM (11-20-19)
18 CUNNINGHAM Kyle 39 USA 5 H.E.P Motorsports Suzuki (17-19-15)
19 WEEKS James 700 USA 4 Racing Yamaha (20-16-17)
20 STEWART Ronnie 606 USA 3 DirtCandy Graphics Suzuki (21-18-18)
21 BRAYTON Justin 10 USA 2 Team Honda HRC Honda (15-21-21)
22 TICKLE Broc 20 USA 1 Red Bull KTM KTM (22-22-22)

AMA Supercross 2020 Saturday, February 22nd 2020

450SX Rider Standings

Limited to top 30 results

Pos. Rider Num Nation Points Team Constructor
1 TOMAC Eli 3 USA 181 Monster Energy Kawasaki Kawasaki
2 ROCZEN Ken 94 GER 174 Team Honda HRC Honda
3 WEBB Cooper 2 USA 155 Red Bull KTM KTM
4 BARCIA Justin 51 USA 154 Monster Energy Factory Yamaha Racing Yamaha
5 ANDERSON Jason 21 USA 139 Rockstar Husqvarna Husqvarna
6 CIANCIARULO Adam 9 USA 128 Monster Energy Kawasaki Kawasaki
7 STEWART Malcolm 27 USA 122 Smartop Bullfrog Spas MotoConcepts Honda Honda
8 HILL Justin 48 USA 110 Smartop Bullfrog Spas MotoConcepts Honda Honda
9 OSBORNE Zach USA 105 Rockstar Husqvarna Husqvarna
10 BRAYTON Justin 10 USA 105 Team Honda HRC Honda
11 BAGGETT Blake 4 USA 104 Rocky Mountain ATV/MC KTM WPS KTM
12 WILSON Dean 15 GBR 100 Rockstar Husqvarna Husqvarna
13 PLESSINGER Aaron 7 USA 92 Monster Energy Factory Yamaha Racing Yamaha
14 FRIESE Vince 45 USA 82 Smartop Bullfrog Spas MotoConcepts Honda Honda
15 DAVALOS Martin 47 ECU 65 Team Tedder KTM
16 BOWERS Tyler 69 USA 49 Bowers Racing Kawasaki
17 REED Chad 22 AUS 31 Mountain Motorsports/CBDmd/CR22 Racing Honda
18 CHISHOLM Kyle 11 USA 29 Chisholm Racing Kawasaki
19 BREECE Ryan 86 USA 25 None Yamaha
20 BOGLE Justin 19 USA 24 Rocky Mountain ATV/MC KTM WPS KTM
21 CUNNINGHAM Kyle 39 USA 21 H.E.P Motorsports Suzuki
22 RAY Alex USA 19 Cycle Trader Rock River Yamaha Yamaha
23 BLOSE Chris 49 USA 18 Chaparral/FXR Racing/Honda Honda
24 BLOSS Benny 60 USA 13 Rocky Mountain ATV/MC KTM WPS KTM
25 TICKLE Broc 20 USA 12 Red Bull KTM KTM
26 WEEKS James 700 USA 4 Racing Yamaha
27 DECOTIS Jimmy 53 USA 4 Autotrader/ JGR/ Yoshimura/ Suzuki Factory Racing Suzuki
28 STEWART Ronnie 606 USA 3 DirtCandy Graphics Suzuki
29 BROOKS  Jason USA 3 3D Racing/ Factory Connection/ Motorsports Nation Yamaha
30 AUTENRIETH Cade 330 USA 3 Mountain Motorsports/Factory Connection/Hinson KTM

Dan Lamb is a 12+ year journalist and the owner of MotoXAddicts.