Early in the 450 main event, Eli Tomac looked like he was in panic mode after a bad start and made a very ill-advised block pass attempt on Blake Baggett that didn’t work out well for either of them. Both hit the ground and Blake tried to make sure the man that caused the crash did not remount first by attempting to push Eli off of him and away from his own bike. Blake was definitely not happy with the red plate holder.

Unlike some SX years in the past, though—where Eli might fully meltdown after a start to a main event like this one—the #3 remounted quickly and proceeded to put together one of the best charges of his career to finish 4th. Blake’s main event did not go as well after the crash and the #4 ended up crossing the line in 19th.

You can watch @supercrosslive‘s video of the incident below:






Dan Lamb is a 12+ year journalist and the owner of MotoXAddicts.