While I was fully on board with a two-week lockdown and the wait and see attitude we were getting from officials about the spread of COVID-19, this worldwide lockdown is quickly turning into much more than what we originally prepared for with the global economy getting absolutely demolished and things like dirt bike racing feeling more and more like something we used to be into when things were different. Not trying to trigger any doom and gloom—there’s more than enough of that going around from everywhere we turn—but man this situation is escalating quickly.

First, it was just the 2020 Seattle SX that was canceled, now the 2020 Hangtown National has been canceled and It is becoming more and more clear that the entire 2020 dirt bike racing calendar around the world is getting clipped from this novel coronavirus outbreak.

You can read the announcement of the 2020 Hangtown National from the folks that put the race on below.

Hangtown Canceled

Dan Lamb is a 12+ year journalist and the owner of MotoXAddicts.