Garrett Marchbanks made an appearance at Western Raceway in White Hills, Arizona, and I had a chance to find out what the Daytona Supercross winner has been doing during the pandemic. Garrett is the first rider from Utah to win a Supercross but to date.

Prior to Sunday, I thought his personality a little plain, and he was a shy kid with not much to say, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. What I found was an outgoing role model who talked with and helped anyone around. We had some excellent talks, but then I turned on the camera, and it all changed.

The interview is not bad and shows a good kid who is respectful and well-spoken, but the charisma I had seen just moments before vanished. After the interview, I asked him where it went, and he explained people around him had advised him to be extra careful with his words. While he should be appropriate, he needs to turn that personality loose. He did give me a little off the record stuff, and while I need to respect his privacy, look for big things from the likable kid from Utah.

Video by: Chris Cooksey