Garrett Marchbanks had a big crash at round 13 of the Monster Energy Supercross series in Salt Lake City and it was just announced today the extent of his injuries and that he will be recovering for the remainder of 2020. “I’m so gutted to announce that I will be sitting out the rest of the season due to a crash that took place during round 13, “Garrett said. “I ended up lacerating my liver, bruising my lungs, I also tore my MCL and PCL which will require surgery this Friday and will be about a 5-month healing process. I would like to take this time to thank all of my sponsors and a special heartfelt thanks to Mitch Payton and the entire Pro Circuit team for this opportunity and for all the endless support. I look forward to lining up at the gate again soon.”

This is another big blow to the Monster Energy / Pro Circuit / Kawasaki squad who had already lost Jordon Smith earlier in the SX season and is possibly losing Austin Forkner for a while after his big crash at the finale. There is no official word on Austin’s condition yet, but it did not look good and what we are hearing is not good as well. If Austin is out too, the team would be down to just a healthy Cameron McAdoo heading into outdoors and they will likely be shopping for at least one—or maybe two—fill-in riders to put under their tent for outdoors. We will update you more when we get an official word from the team.

Photo by: Octopi


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