In the 450 class for round 2 of the 2020 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tn., Zach Osborne showed he is a real title contender with his second-straight overall win. Adam Cianciarulo finished with the first-ever 450MX podium of his rookie year in 2nd and Marvin Musquin climbed onto the 3rd step of the box

In the 250 class at “The Ranch”, Jeremy Martin took his first overall win since getting injured back in 2018 with Dylan Ferrandis finishing 2nd and retaining the red plate and Alex Martin occupying the third step on the 250 overall podium.

After the racing was over, we gathered numerous quotes from some of the top riders talking about their second outdoor national of the 2020 season. You can check out what the riders had to say below.

Zach Osborne: (1st in 450MX) “It was a lot of turmoil to start off the day but we turned it around with a 5-1 and kept the red plate, which is really a testament to what we have as a group. Overall, it was a great salvage and a great day for myself and my team.”

Zach celebrates a hard-fought day and another win at round 2. Photo by: Simon Cudby

Adam Cianciarulo: (2nd in 450MX) “I’m pretty stoked with how today went. I was able to put together a couple of solid motos in absolutely brutal conditions, but I was so motivated after crashing and losing my lead last weekend. I would say all the work over the week and that motivation paid off after grabbing my first 450 class podium in Pro Motocross with second overall on the day. I can’t thank the entire Monster Energy Kawasaki team enough for all their hard work today.”


Jeremy Martin: (1st in 250MX) “I knew it was going to rain. I knew it was going to be muddy, but I was actually pleasantly surprised. When I went out for practice, it was nowhere near as crazy or as muddy as the first Loretta’s so I was pretty happy about that. They were saying a thunderstorm was coming around 2 and then it all of a sudden it monsooned on us for 20-minutes right before moto one and I was like, “Oh boy, this is going to be gnarly” and sure enough it was. I got halfway down the start straight and I couldn’t see nothing going into the first turn. I’m like, “Dude, where do I turn?” I had so much water in my goggles. I was able to get through there but I went down twice in the first moto. I had one glove off, one on and no goggles and I managed a 3rd somehow. Going into moto 2, I was happy to get 3rd in the first moto. Alex was going really fast and I knew that Dylan and RJ—the guys that got 1st and 2nd in moto 1—weren’t around. I just did the best I could. I knew Alex was going fast and I just conserved the bike the best that I could. It was smoking so bad and I was like, “I hope to god I can make it.” Sure enough, I did and I was able to get the overall win.”


Dylan Ferrandis: (2nd in 250MX) “It was a difficult day in the mud, but I was still able to save some important points. The track was really difficult. I was hoping for another win, but I managed to keep the red plate so I’m really happy about that. On to next one!”


Alex Martin: (3rd in 250MX) “To be honest, it was a little bitter-sweet with the first moto. I literally was in first right away there and then I came into that corner sliding and sliding and hooked up with the dozer berm. I almost looped out, my hand blew off the bar and I tipped over. I’ve literally crashed in every moto at Loretta’s so far. It was nice to get the holeshot but I crashed three more times. I honestly can’t believe I got 7th in that first moto. In the second moto, I came out swinging and got the holeshot. I didn’t really know I had that big of a lead. I think in the final result I won by a minute and three-seconds. That’s just insane to me.”


Marvin Musquin: (3rd in 450MX) “I’m pumped to be back on the podium for the second race, it’s been a while. The conditions were tough, so it was my goal to be up front battling and I was able to do that in the second moto. I would have liked to be more consistent in both motos but that’s racing, everybody was having issues and crashing. Also, you have to save the bike and my bike was running well today, I had no issues.”

250 overall podium. Jeremy Martin (center), Dylan Ferrandis (right) and Alex Martin (left)

Broc Tickle: (4th in 450MX) “Loretta Lynn’s II was a huge step in the right direction for myself. The track conditions were really, really gnarly. The conditions in the second moto got a little better, but it was tough out there in both motos. I’m stoked with the progress we made throughout the day and during the week with the team. I’m getting more comfortable on the bike and learning what I like about it and what I need to do to make it more comfortable for myself. I trust everybody that I’m working with on the team. I think that’s awesome to have the same goals and the same desire to keep pushing forward. I’m looking forward to Ironman as well. I’ve had decent results there in the past. This weekend was awesome. It’s going to be good to build off of it. I’m hoping for dry conditions, but if not we’ll make the best out of the wet conditions. The goal from here on out is to show up and be the best we can each time we hit the track.”


Max Anstie: (5th in 450MX) “I had a lot of fun, honestly. I didn’t know what to expect coming to the first Loretta’s. I am coming off an Achilles injury where I wasn’t sure how I will feel racing. You can do stuff practicing and I can do things, but testing in California at Glen Helen and Pala, and then we come to this track, that is completely different.”


Justin Barcia: (7th in 450MX) “We had a great day going. I got the holeshot in the first moto and checked out to over a minute lead at one point. I won the race by a lot. It was a really good race. I felt awesome and everything was working well. The track conditions were brutal, it was super difficult. In the second moto, I had a little crash so I had to pull in and get some fresh goggles. I was putting on a good charge until we had an issue with the bike which was definitely a bummer. We won and then had a DNF. We need to work on that to give ourselves a better opportunity for the championship fight. I’m definitely looking forward to next week in Indiana.”


Cameron McAdoo: (4th in 250MX) “oday went well for us. It was a tough day all around for the entire team, especially the mechanics but they all pulled together and did a great job keeping me going. We did exactly what we work to do, which is to improve on each performance. We improved this week with 4-5 moto scores for fourth overall and we’ll continue to build off of that. I’m happy to leave here healthy and finish the motos strong with these tough conditions. We’re already excited to get going at Ironman and keep this momentum flowing.”


Jason Anderson: (9th in 450MX) “The weekend was kind of rough but the second moto went much better and I was able to work my way up to fourth. I’m ready to move on to the next round and keep pushing.”

Marvin moved to 2nd in the points with his podium at round 2. Photo by: Simon Cudby

Eli Tomac: (16th in 450MX) “That track really threw a lot at us today. It took everything I had just to keep it on two wheels and charge forward. I had decent starts in both motos. A lot can happen in a mud race, so I knew I just needed to keep charging and make up positions. Obviously, I’m really bummed with the way it ended, but we’ll move on to Ironman and get back to where we belong on the podium.”


Dean Wilson: (18th in 450MX) “t was a very tough weekend with the muddy conditions and really hard on the bikes so I tried to slow the pace down in Moto 2 and save the bike as much as I could. I’m looking forward to some dry conditions where I can actually show what I can do. It’s been tough but we’ll keep plugging away.”


Shane McElrath: (5th in 250MX) “It was a difficult day just to get around the track. We had a few crashes in the motos and had to come in for some goggles changes, but I came away with both holeshots and a moto podium. We will keep working and keep moving forward.”


RJ Hampshire: (6th in 250MX) “It was a brutal track today but I was pumped to hold on in Moto 1 to get my first moto-win with the team,. After going down in the first turn, I put on a charge and climbed as much as I could but the bike ended up letting go with a lap and a half to go. It’s not the final result we wanted but I’m looking forward to battling up front some more this season.”


Mitchell Harrison: (7th in 250MX) “Well, it was a crazy day for sure. The first moto was decent, and I was able to grab sixth place, but it was really muddy and gnarly out there. I think I had the worst first lap anyone could have in the second moto. I got off to a bad start, had to throw my goggles because I got water all in them so for a whole lap, I was basically blind, and then just before the finish line I got stuck so I was there for a minute. I managed to wiggle my bike out but then I even fell a few times. I guess that’s a lesson in not ever giving up because I kept charging and accomplished 10th for seventh overall. It’s pretty good, but it’s still not where I want to be, so we still have work to do but I’m looking forward to next weekend for Round 3.”

Recent Loretta Lynn’s graduate grabbed his first-ever top-10 overall in his second-ever professional race. Photo by: Simon Cudby

Stilez Robertson: (8th in 250MX) “Overall, it was a pretty good day but it was brutal out there, probably the muddiest track I’ve ever ridden. The first moto I made too many mistakes and had too many little tip-overs. The second moto, I rode pretty good – I didn’t make that many mistakes, stayed on two wheels and kept my bike running.”


Justin Cooper: (11th in 250MX) “It was very difficult conditions, with the track and the vision. There were a lot of pit stops for goggles today. It was a pretty disappointing day but we will keep staying positive, brush this one off and focus on next weekend to be where we belong.”



Dan Lamb is a 12+ year journalist and the owner of MotoXAddicts.