Check out the rider comments from Mantova today. More comments tonight and tomorrow morning, so check back. Yamaha image

Tim Gajser: “It’s an amazing feeling to be back on the top step of the podium. I’ve won many motos this year but never an overall, so I’m super happy to have been able to have done that at this round in Mantova. The races were nice, although I did get a little arm-pump towards the end of the first race which made it a little closer than I’d have liked but I still won, so that was good. Then in the second race I had another good start, and passed for the lead almost immediately. Unfortunately, I fell in the middle of the race and dropped back to second. I pushed hard to get the lead back but ended up second for first overall. A big thanks to everyone at Team HRC who have supported me this year and who have kept pushing me towards this goal. Next up is Spain and I can’t wait!”

Tony Cairoli: “I’m very happy of course to get a win but I didn’t feel that great this weekend. My knee has been giving me trouble. I was riding a bit stiff. We made some changes on the bike and I didn’t feel great. 5th was OK in the first moto but it’s not what we want for the championship. I gave everything in the second moto and it was a good race. We need to keep pushing for another month and look towards our goals.”

Glenn Coldenhoff:  “It’s always good to be on the podium. Obviously, I would like the top step and with some better starts I think I can be there. I was really happy with my first race. I had some nice lines and it all came together towards the end and I was really close at the finish. Overall, this is a good result, but we always want more. With the team we’ll work on starts this week and be ready for Spain.”

Romain Febvre: “:t was a tough day; it’s difficult to accept such a day after winning the previous GP here on Wednesday. In the first race I had a good start but, when Prado stalled his engine on the first lap, I was so close that I hit him and crashed. It was impossible to avoid the crash. Then I was coming back behind Seewer; he was making some mistakes and was slower than me; there were not many places to pass on this track and unfortunately I crashed when I tried to pass him on the inside so I finished tenth. My second start was again good and I rode almost the entire the race in third but I was confused at the end; I thought the race was over when I crossed the finish line but there was still one lap to go and I surrendered one position. That was frustrating! There were some positive points today but overall I’m not really happy with my results.”

Clement Desalle: “I have mixed feelings about this GP! I was unhappy with my first race; I was around eighth when I crashed and lost a couple of positions. I finished twelfth but I was not satisfied with my feeling for the track so we changed some settings for the second moto. My start was not fantastic but in the second corner I was already in the top ten and was in the top eight after one lap. The feeling was better and I came to sixth when Prado crashed; I wasn’t so far from the top five but then I lost a lot of time in the waves section on three consecutive laps and it was over to expect better than a sixth position. I’m happy to end this series of races at Mantova with a better feeling than I had on Wednesday”

Jorge Prado: “The day started quite good but I gave myself some work when I stalled the bike; five guys passed me and I had to get them back to finally finish 3rd, which was OK. I felt good but we changed a couple of things for the second moto and on the Sighting Lap I thought ‘this is my race’ because I was feeling fit, recovered and that the bike was better. I had a perfect jump out of the gate and Tim [Gajser] passed me. I was close but his roost blinded me for a moment and I could not see an edge on the berm coming out of the chicane. I hit it with my back wheel and it sent me sideways. I banged my hip on the bar and also my head on the ground. I was last when I stood up and tried to restart. There was a problem with the front wheel because it was locking a bit on some jumps and also in some corners. The front brake was damaged as well so I could not use it. So, the rest of the race was really difficult. I did what I could, and I actually don’t know where I finished! We’ll heal-up this week and try to be ready for Spain.”

Jago Geerts: “It was a really good day for me. In the first head I had a pretty good start but in the beginning,  I spent too long behind another rider and it was very difficult to pass. In the end I was able to catch Tom (Vialle), but it was too late. In the second head I got a better start. I was in third and felt good on track, I was behind Tom for quite a long time but in the end,  I could pass him and win the GP so it was a really good day. I am happy with that and I want to keep this momentum going.”

Tom Vialle: “It was quite a good day. I felt great on the bike in the morning and the first moto went really well, except for a few mistakes on the waves section that meant Jago could catch me, but I knew I had some more speed and I was really happy to win that one. In the second moto I overtook Ben Watson quite fast and then Jago was there again. I really tried to push on the last three laps and I was pretty close at the end. Anyway, 2nd was enough today and we took more points for the championship.”

Thomas Kjer Olsen: “I’m really happy with my performance this week. Two overall wins and then a third overall today, I’m really happy with my week in Italy. Today wasn’t the best result after winning the last two rounds but I tried my best and my riding was good. It’s such a good feeling to be on the podium again and I’m looking forward to Spain next weekend.”

Jed Beaton: “Today wasn’t quite what I was looking for. I know I had the speed but just wasn’t able to get among the top guys. It certainly wasn’t the worst day but wasn’t the best either. I’m now back in third in the standings so I just need to work on starts, get up front early and try to get some more wins to finish the season off strong.”

Mitch Evans: “Today was a good day and a bit of a disappointing day too. In the first moto I got a good start, made a few passes and was in third for most of the race. I ended up fourth but it was still a good moto and I enjoyed running with the top guys. In moto two I didn’t get the best jump which made things difficult because it was still hard to pass, but I got back to eighth for fifth overall. This was the same as in Matterley Basin at the first GP of the year, so I’m pleased with that. I did really want that podium today but it didn’t quite happen but there are still seven more rounds to get it done and that’s what I’m focusing on when we head to Spain.”

Jeremy Seewer: “Honestly, my body wasn’t feeling the best today. It wasn’t my best day so I feel like I did well. Okay, I lost some points in the first one, but luckily, I didn’t crash, didn’t make any big mistakes. Could have finished fourth and that would have put me on the podium, but anyway, I know what I have and now my main focus is to regroup and to try to get my body back to normal. I think I still have good speed, a good bike and good crew to bounce back and be up front. It was still a solid day, solid points and many races still to go. It’s still a long season and now it’s starting to get really tough for everybody. We are still looking good, we will regroup and be ready to bounce back in Spain.”

Ben Watson: “It’s been a pretty solid day. This morning we went out for Qualifying, they didn’t change any of the track but I just thought that after the rain that the track would get a lot more technical with a lot more lines and more opportunities to pass. I missed a gear down the straight in Race 1 and lost everything. I found it difficult to make a difference today. I wasn’t on the pace of the top two, but I was just there. Finished sixth. I got the holeshot in the second race, Jago and Tom passed me and I tried to sit on their pace, but they were just a bit ahead today. I finished third, I am happy with that and happy to leave Mantova with good points.”

Gautier Paulin: “My speed was really good today. I had the third best lap time and when I race my speed is really good, I can see it. I had two bad starts today, and that is really the story of my weekend. Two bad starts and it was really hard to come back. In the first moto I came from 15th back to seventh, which was pretty good. The second moto was a bit harder, I got like a fake rhythm, and my suspension was a bit of a pain. It was really hard to pass and to make the difference today. I really need to work on my start to be more consistent going into Spain.”

Mathys Boisrame:  “It was another difficult day for me, as I have had to stay quiet fort he last couple of weeks after my crash in Latvia so I’m not fit physically. There were three races within one week so there was no time to recover between them; the schedule would be tough even if you are fit! Today I scored an eleventh and a twelfth position; it’s a decent result and I did my best but it’s not really what I expect. Let’s hope that I can recover this week and be in better condition for the next GP.”

Roan van de Moosdijk: “I’m a little disappointed after we did so well on Wednesday and took second place in Qualifying, but that’s racing. The first moto I crashed in the second corner and was last; in three laps I was almost in the top ten but we had a problem. I was good in the start of race two but I had no rhythm because I didn’t ride the first moto; I was feeling better in the middle of the race but then I made a small mistake and crashed. But today is behind us and now we focus on the next race. ”

Dylan Walsh: “Qualifying wasn’t so bad. I ended up in 15th place. I had really good sector times, but I just couldn’t put it all together. That was a shame, but it’s an improvement over my qualifying times at the previous races here. Race one though was unbelievable. I lead the first 11 minutes and also had one of the best lap times of the race. That was a life-long dream of mine and really good to achieve this and it’s gives me a lot more experience and confidence coming into the next races. We had a small bike problem in race one, but that was my fault by being too aggressive with the clutch. In the second moto I was feeling good. I started in 10th and moved upon to eighth, but I tangled with another rider. I got back moving and did the best I could do in the moto. I feel like I’m making good progress with the team and I’m happy with how things are going.”

Bailey Malkiewicz: “Qualifying wasn’t how we wanted it to be. Everyone was pretty quick this morning, so my 14th gate pick made it hard for the starts. I definitely felt good on the bike though. I’m really having fun at the moment and I feel the best I have all season and feel like I belong inside the top-ten results. In race one I had a poor start and it took a long time to make it up to 12th place, but I had small crashes on the last two laps and that hurt my chances of a possible top-ten. Then in race two the start was a little bit better, but starting so far out wide into turn one it’s pretty much over before it’s started. I had to push through the pack again and made my way to 14th and that’s the best I could do in that race. I could do better, but it’s just how it was today. It wasn’t what I wanted, but I’m happy to finish these races safe and fit and we move into Spain to hopefully stay inside the top ten.”

Ivo Monticelli: “Today was positive for me. I set a fast lap in qualifying, and sat first for quite some time so that was a good start to the day. I felt great on my bike and in the races and I was finally able to get a decent result in the first race. I was ready for the same in race two but a crash on the opening lap was frustrating. I managed to reach eleventh, which was good, but overall I have my confidence back. I know I can be top 10 so I hope for more of the same in Spain next weekend.”

Isak Gifting: “My first race was good, my best result on the GASGAS so I’m really happy. I was able to run the pace of the top guys so a seventh in race one was really good. Race two was not great. I crashed with another rider and bent my bars and then crashed again. Not great, but I know I can finish in the top 10 so I look forward to racing again next week. I’ve had a great week in Italy with the team, they have been great so everything besides the second moto today is positive.”

Michael Sandner: “Two solid races today. I felt great all day on my bike and in the first moto I had an awesome start. I was in second place for a few laps and then I had a small crash and lost a lot of time. I was able to finish 15th so this was a good race for me. Second race, not such a good start but I made some good passes on the first lap and finished in 15th again. I was really happy with my riding today and I have to thank the team for all that they have done for me!”

Calvin Vlaanderen (12th overall):  “It was a solid day going 11-9 in the races. It was mentally and physically a tough day for me with pain in my hip and some stomach issues, but I fought through it and never gave up. A few days rest and then we go again in Spain. I missed my teammates under the tent with me and hope to see them back soon!”