Another big day for HRC’s MXGP  rider Tim Gajser and a maiden GP win for Monster Energy Yamaha MX2 rider Ben Watson. Red Bull KTM rider Tom Vialle also stretched his MX2 points lead as his big rival, Jago Geerts, struggled at his home GP.

Check out what some of the top riders in each class had to say about their third-straight race in the deep sands of Lommel below. 

Tim Gajser: (1st in MXGP) “I’m very happy with how the whole week went. All three rounds my speed was good and I was enjoying the riding. In the first moto I took a really important holeshot because it was raining and the track was wet so it was a lot easier to ride in front rather than get roosted. At the beginning, Romain was pushing but I managed to get a good gap and control the race. The second race I got the holeshot again but on the first lap I fell after getting sideways. I went back to seventh or so and it took me a couple of laps to regroup a bit. Then I found some good lines, made some passes and worked all the way back into the lead. I was riding really well and I’m super happy to go one-one here and finish off this week with such a good performance. A big thanks to everyone in the team who continues to work so hard in these difficult times, and I’m really looking forward to getting to Trentino!”

Romain Febvre: (2nd in MXGP) “I had a good start and took the lead in the second lap I think. I was really comfortable out there and I was doing some good things but losing in some spots also and I knew it but I was just focused on those sections. I didn’t find a good line where I was slow and I saw that Tim was coming back and I thought for sure he has some good lines and I can see where I’m losing time, two corners after I crashed so could not really follow him but it’s a shame because we were in the lead but we finished second and are on the box.”

Jeremy Seewer: (3rd in MXGP) “It’s nice to be back on the podium after a rough week here in Lommel. You know it just really proves a lot out there with the rain, the track, three GPs in a row, with the weather the sand is just more tricky. I did two solid races without any big mistakes. Hats off to Tim he was on another level today, he’s riding really well at the moment and now I’m looking forward to Arco [Trentino] because it’s more my kind of track so looking positive there.”

Ben Watson: (1st in MX2) “In race one I felt like I did a good race. My start was good and the first lap I lost one position and I was in fourth for a little while, then it takes me a little while to get into it, I was able to get in my rhythm and keep putting my laps in. I found one spot on track where I was able to pass the guys in and it was working for me and I won good, I was really pleased with this race. Race two was a little bit of a different story. My start was really bad, and I was tight. I mean in the beginning of the race it was ok, but it took me time to come through like I normally can and then when it came towards the end and I could see who was in front of me and who was behind me, it [the overall victory] was going through my head. It was a little bit of a problem for me as I was riding tight but the thing is now that I’ve won a GP and no one can take it away from me and it’s a big weight lifted off me so now I can just focus on moving forward.”

Roan Van De Moosdijk: (2nd in MX2) “Really happy to finally win a race. The first race wasn’t what I had expected, I had really bad arm-pump after ten minutes so that race felt really long. Luckily I could turn it around in the second race and I was right there from the beginning and then the leader made a mistake, I just tried to make quick laps. I already led some laps on Wednesday but now I felt a little bit more comfortable and the last few laps were quite intense but I’m really happy.”

Maxime Renaux: (3rd in MX2) “The day went pretty good. In the first race I felt good out on track and finished second so that was a pretty good race. The second one was a bit harder I started further at the back and then had push and I felt also tight on the track so it was not the best race of the year but I tried to do my best and give my best to be on the podium and that’s good it’s nice to be back on the box and now I’m looking forward to more of this.”

Thomas Kjer Olsen: (4th in MX2) “A positive day for me and a good end to the week after a couple of challenging rounds at Lommel. The changes made to the track made it flow better for me and with the team we made some changes to the bike, which made me really comfortable out there. I was able to battle today and I’m happy with my result, so it’s been a good GP for me. Thanks to the team for the work they’ve put in this week and we go to Italy next weekend aiming for the podium.”

Tom Vialle: (6th in MX2) “It was a difficult day. I was feeling good with the track in the morning but in the first moto I was struggling with it at one point, especially in the waves section. I was losing time there. The second moto was the same. I couldn’t find any flow today but for the championship it was pretty good. There are only three races to go now and I like Arco. I don’t know what conditions we’ll find there but it’s hard-pack and a surface that I enjoy it a lot.”

Tony Cairoli: (5th in MXGP) “A bad day today and the two crashes in the second moto didn’t help. We didn’t have the speed to go with the guys in front in the first moto. So, not such a satisfying week in Lommel. We need to re-group and go to Italy with the least amount of pressure, enjoy the riding and finish this season on the best way. I hope Jorge gets well soon.”

Jago Geerts: (9th in MX2) “I’m disappointed with the result. This week did not go how it was supposed to go. I had some issues with the handling of the bike and crashed four times the same, by losing the front. I just want to put these GP’s behind me and focus on learning the bike better for the next rounds and also for next year.”

Gautier Paulin: (4th in MXGP) “I feel strong. I missed the podium by 1 or 2 points. I am disappointed about this. I am happy with my riding. I had an okay start in Race 1, but I hit the rear wheel of Cairoli and had to make my way back to the front. This was not easy because I had a lot of roost on the goggles and stuff. In the second race, I started better with three or four strong corners to get close to the front, but I stalled the bike. I was passed by many riders because of this mistake and in the end, it cost me the podium. I missed something a little bit today, but the feeling was there, and the riding was strong.”

Arnaud Tonus: (6th in MXGP) “Lommel is already a tough track even before we had to come here and do three GP’s in a row. It was super challenging mentally. Honestly, I was really tired after the first race. It was a real mental challenge to overcome. I am super happy to finish strong like I did. I made a couple of mistakes at the end and crashed but it is how it is, I think everyone did. The rain made it super tough today.”

Jed Beaton: (8th in MX2) “A disappointing day today. Not my greatest day of racing but I’m healthy, which is important with three rounds to go. I found my flow in both races but not until towards the end, which was frustrating. By then there was a big gap ahead of me in each race. Overall, I felt like my riding was good, it just took me a little while to get going. Looking forward to some hardpack next weekend in Italy.”

Isak Gifting: (5th in MX2) “Just amazing. Another great GP and a great end to the week. Having some battles with the top guys in the class has been really good for my confidence. It was a shame that I crashed in race one but race two was amazing. Second place, I cannot complain. As always, I just went for it today. Full gas in both motos and another great result. I can’t wait for next weekend in Italy.”

Michael Sandner: (24th in MX2) “Today was a really tough one. Three crashes in both motos made it a really big struggle to find a good flow. A tough day but I’m looking forward to Italy and some hardpack to end the year strong.”

Ivo Monticelli: (15th in MXGP) “It was hard work today. Lommel is always a difficult track and was made worse by the rain. My starts weren’t the best today. Race two was better. I had a good feeling with the bike but then I crashed out of 12th which was really disappointing. Overall, I’m healthy and I feel good on the bike. I just need to be in the battle early in the race and then I can be back in the top 10.”

Clement Desalle:  (8th in MXGP) “It was raining for this third GP in Lommel, and during the timed practice session I didn’t want to take any risks in these conditions; I qualified thirteenth but the times were very close. I was in the top ten at the start of the first race; there was mainly one line on the track and I rode a decent race even if I lost two positions when I made a mistake. My second start was a little better, and I soon came to seventh; then I lost two positions but I kept my rhythm and came back again to sixth. It was emotional on the last lap when I realised that it was for me the last lap of my last MXGP of Belgium. This one was the best of the three we raced this week; it’s never easy to race three times here within one week but my feeling was better today.”

Dylan Walsh: (14th in MXGP) “It was nice to ride a new layout today! Overall Lommel III was an improvement and I was quite happy with my riding. Especially the second moto went pretty good until my crash at the end. Still I’m feeling that we’re gradually getting better in this type of conditions. After playing in the sand for a week I’m looking forward to a change in scenery and the next race in Arco di Trento!”

Artem Guryev:  (27th in MXGP) “Conditions were muddy and very slippery but I made the best of the situation. In the first moto I felt I might have a chance at grabbing a point or two but unfortunately my clutch got fried with 10 minutes to go. The second moto was not a good one. After a small mistake early on I tried to push and rebuilt my rhythm but I had a big one and banged up my wrist pretty bad. All in all, I’m very relieved Lommel is behind us and we can move on to Arco.”

Benoit Paturel:  (31st in MXGP) “Riding in Lommel is never easy but this one just came a little too early with not enough bike training for a race like this. This is why decided not to take any risk today. With an additional week of riding ahead of me I should be a lot more comfortable for Trentino.”


Dan Lamb is a 12+ year journalist and the owner of MotoXAddicts.