During the 450SX main event at the 2021 Houston 2 SX, Chase Sexton crashed hard while leading the field and the red-cross flag—or wheels on the ground flag—immediately came out.

Most riders rolled the jumps around where Sexton was laying, but both Ken Roczen and Jason Anderson jumped the double and were each docked four points for doing so. With that, Roczen went from a 1 point lead in the 450SX Championship points and the red plate behind the #94 heading into round three, to three points down to Justin Barcia in points. Justin will keep the red background for at least one more round.

Check out a fans video of Sexton’s crash that was posted on Twitter with Roczen and Anderson jumping and the official points below. Video clip taken from recording posted on YouTube by Stay at Play.


2021 450SX Championship Points – Round 2

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2021 450SX Championship Points – Round 2

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