Tonight, during the 450SX main event at the 2021 Houston 3 SX, Ken Roczen was leading with Cooper Webb running second and stalking the #94 down to the last lap. With the white flag waving, Dean Wilson seemingly ignored the blue flags (the flag signifying you are being lapped and to get out of the way) with the leaders right on his rear wheel and choas ensued.

With less than a lap to go, Ken was forced to check up behind Deano, which led to a mistake by Ken that would open the door just enough for Cooper to slam it shut on Ken and take the lead. Cooper went on to grab his first main event win of 2021 ahead of Ken. While Ken was still able to leave Houston with the red plate, it was little consolation for the anger he was feeling and he let it be known to Dean as he rode off and during his podium interview.

We often see lapped riders affecting the outcome of a race, but we seldom see the lapped rider own what he did and apologize to the rider that got the worst of it. Tonight, though, Dean Wilson did just that. You can say what you want about Deano, but you cannot say the kid is not a class act.

You can read what Deano said below.

Apology from Dean Wilson

Dan Lamb is a 12+ year journalist and the owner of MotoXAddicts.