With Christian Craig and Colt Nichols tied atop the Eastern Regional 250SX Championship it is easy to forget that the Star Racing / Monster Energy / Yamaha still has four more—yep, I said 4 more—incredibly talented 250 riders on their team roster set to debut when the west kicks off at the Orlando 2 SX on February 20.

The bLU cRU squad still has Justin Cooper, Jeremy Martin and their rookie duo of Jarrett Frye, and Nate Thrasher set to contest the 250SX West. Up until yesterday, everyone looked healthy and ready to go, but their best shot at a 250SX West title, Justin Cooper, went down while preparing for 2021 yesterday and broke a bone in his foot.

“Unfortunately, I had a small crash in a turn last week where the bike came down and landed on my foot wrong,” Justin said from his social media account. “I ended up breaking a bone in my foot, so I’ll be on this thing [spin bike] getting my cardio in until further notice. Doing everything I can to be back as soon as possible. I’ll be at round 1 ready to go. See you guys there”

It sounds like Justin is still expected to be ready to go for the opening round in Orlando next month, but he may come into the opener still nursing his injury. With that and the loss of preparation time, he may need a little time to get back up to speed. The Star team definitely has him covered, though, if Justin cannot get it done. Any one of those four riders could give the team plenty of representation on the podium. We will update you more if anything changes as we get closer.


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