We are bummed to report that Marvin Musquin will not be lining up today for the 2021 Arlington 2 SX. The Red Bull / KTM rider went down hard in his heat race during the Arlington 1 SX last Saturday and knocked himself out. With the strict concussion protocol in place for Monster Energy Supercross, he is still not cleared for racing today.

“Hi everyone,” Marvin said from his social media accounts. “I had a big crash on Saturday night as many of you already know. I have been very lucky to get up in one piece, really sore but nothing broken. I did require a few stitches but nothing bad. But I did get a concussion and I have to follow the concussion protocol that is in place with the Alpinestars Medical Clinic in order to get released to go back to racing. This protocol takes a minimum of a couple days, and unfortunately it is impossible to get a release to race for today’s round. Our goal is to follow every step of the protocol to be rechecked on Friday and we hope I can get cleared to race Saturday. Until then I am working on my recovery.”

Marvin may be cleared to come back on Saturday for the Arlington 3 SX, but with the riders getting a 3-week break after that, he and his team may opt to take some time to heal fully and come back when the series returns at Atlanta Motor Speedway on April 10.


Dan Lamb is a 12+ year journalist and the owner of MotoXAddicts.