The 36 year-old semi-retired from SX Ryan Sipes has come to Atlanta to play with the boys and after showing massive speed early in the day and qualifying 4th overall, the #264 had some issues in his heat race and took a massive digger while coming from behind into a transfer position in his LCQ.

Ryan said about the crash, “Well that wasn’t fun…Still not sure what exactly happened. I’m guessing I either drug footpegs or accidentally stepped on the rear brake on the face…all I know is all the sudden I was in a full endo and I couldn’t bring it back. Thank God I didn’t get landed on.”

This one hurts to watch, but Ryan being the Chuck Norris of Moto, he will likely zip-tie and duck tape his injuries and line up for a SX, a Flat Track National, a 24 hour race in the woods and a Hill Climb National in the next 10 days. The man is a beast and that’s just how he rolls.


Dan Lamb is a 12+ year journalist and the owner of MotoXAddicts.