After winning the first main event of the 2022 Glendale SX “Triple Crown” with a 14-sec gap, the 250SX West red plate holder, Christian Craig, went past Vince Friese on the opening lap of main event number two to take the lead. Vince—who had finished 3rd respectively in the opening main event of the night—did what he had done so many times throughout his career: He put the person that just past him on the ground in the very next corner with no shits to give.

It was one of the more blatant and ill-conceived takeouts of a career that has been defined by blatant and ill-conceived takeouts, but at least Vince is an equal opportunity asshole. Whether you are the red plate holder or the guy battling for 18th, Vince will do whatever he can to make you pay a price if you pass him.


Dan Lamb is a 12+ year journalist and the owner of MotoXAddicts.