MotoXAddicts is one of the fastest growing motocross and supercross news sites in the world. In a short time, we have built a site that receives more than 800,000 pageviews and draws an audience of over200,000 monthly unique visitors, and the numbers continue to grow. This year alone, saw a 250% increase in traffic.

In addition to our site, MotoXAddicts has a healthy social media following. On Facebook, we have nearly 150,000 fans and a weekly reach over 400,000. An additional 7,000 users follow @MotoXAddictsCom and Dan Lamb—our site’s lead author—on Twitter.

Advertising options

MotoXAddicts offers a wide range of advertising opportunities.

Banner ads

Banner ad placements are available throughout the site in a variety of sizes.

Popular placements include:

  • Masthead banner, 728 x 90 (site-wide placement)
  • Expandable top banner, 960 x 50 expanding up to 960 x 300
  • Top sidebar banner, 300 x 250
  • Additional sidebar placements, 300 x 600 or 160 x 600
  • In-content placements, 438 x 60

Site Wraps

In addition to standard banner ads, MotoXAddicts offers site wrap advertising opportunities. These are custom ads that “wrap” around the main site content in the form of large header graphics, sidebars or backgrounds and are featured site-wide.

Special marketing opportunities

A variety of special marketing opportunities are available through MotoXAddicts. The most popular of these include:

  • Social media promotions
  • Contests or product giveaways
  • Featured content sponsorships
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Product reviews

Additional opportunities are available and can be developed on a case-by-case basis.


Working with us

All advertisers receive the following benefits while working with MotoXAddicts:

  • Guaranteed impressions: If your advertisement does not receive the number of expected impressions within the timeframe agreed upon, your ad will be continued until the purchased impressions are reached or additional placements or opportunity to place new artwork in the same placements will be offered.
  • Regular reporting: Advertising metrics will be provided on a regular basis as agreed upon in your contract. Common reporting schedules are weekly or monthly. All advertisers, however, are provided with account-level access to our tracking system in order to track their own ad metrics at any time.